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Do Beauty Supplements Work? All You Need to Know About Vitamins

It is not wrong to say, “what you eat, shows”. A perfect diet and a healthy lifestyle contribute to the way you look. 

Supplements have seemed to gain a lot of popularity in recent times due to their promising results. But are they really what you need if your body is lagging on vitamins and other important nutrients? 

If you’re really into supplements and wish to try them, you should be aware of a few things:

Why are they called “supplements”?

When the mineral requirement of your body is not satisfied by your diet, your body shows signs. These signs can be deteriorating hair conditions or poor skin. In such cases, many people opt for dietary supplements to cope with the lagging. 

Is there a difference between dietary supplements and beauty supplements?

Supplements are usually parted into 2 types: dietary supplements and beauty supplements. 

Anything that can supplement your diet and be taken in through your food to make up for the nutritional gap is a dietary supplement. 

Beauty supplements are non-ingestable drugs, preferably applied to the skin to improve its physical condition.

Are supplements harmful?

Dependency on drugs for nourishment can be effective if nutrients are not being delivered to you through your diet.  However, they can’t overtake the place for foods that are important for a healthy diet. 

Supplements can be a way to fulfill your body’s nutritional requirements, but everything has a downside. Excessive usage of dietary supplements can kill the effect of medicines or interact with them to amplify the problem. 

Beauty supplements can have a reaction on the skin when used without a prescription because skin type varies from person to person. The effect of a certain drug can never be predicted.

Are supplements instantly effective?

Supplements won’t show results overnight. If you’re using a multivitamin product or taking pills, you have to be patient with it in order to see a change. 

These supplements slowly fill in for the vitamin and mineral deficiencies in your body when used daily for about 4-6 months. 

Vitamin E as the “Skin Vitamin”

Vitamin E is one of the most popular beauty supplements, widely used in most beauty products and serums. It has skin antioxidant properties which promote blood supply under your skin. This way, vitamin E can be very helpful in delaying wrinkles.

Vitamin E works best to overcome hyper-pigmentation. Dark patches on your skin can be a result of excessive secretion of melanin. Vitamin E helps this condition by blending the skin tone. Due to the increased blood supply, acne scarring is also removed – another benefit of vitamin E.

Other vitamins 

Vitamin D helps to prevent skin ageing. The sun is the largest source of vitamin D. However, supplements for vitamin D are proven to be more beneficial to filling in its requirements due to their anti-cancer properties.

Vitamin E is found in your skin oil (sebum) and it protects your skin cells from damage. For those with naturally dry skins, vitamin E oils work best to moisturize the skin. 


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