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5 Signs You’re Not Eating Enough Carbs And It’s Time To Switch Up Your Diet

Many women and men have already successfully lost weight on a reduced-carb diet, so it’s no wonder that low-carb diets are still very popular. However, many people aren’t aware that if you don’t cover your carbohydrate needs in the long term, you risk developing deficiency symptoms. 

In addition to the fact that completely giving up carbohydrates (like pasta, potatoes, or rice) is very difficult to follow, many doctors are now warning against this trend. Even though carbs are rich in calories, the body still needs them as energy suppliers just like proteins. That’s why our body starts sending us different signals when it needs some extra sugar. 

What are the warning signs?

If you are unsure if you are eating enough carbohydrates, we would highly suggest you take a quiet moment to listen to your body. There are different ways that our bodies tell us that there is something off with our diet. And these are just some of them.

1. You have constant headaches and problems focusing

Carbohydrates are broken down in the digestive tract into glucose, which our brain needs for proper functioning. If we don’t consume enough carbohydrates, the brain lacks energy. This will make it difficult for you to focus. Lack of carbohydrates also lowers blood sugar levels, which promotes headaches.

2. You have bad breath

With less than 1 ounce of carbohydrates per day, the body resorts to burning fat to generate energy, so it falls into so-called ketosis. While this is good for weight loss, it can take a toll on other parts of our body. In this process, chemical compounds called ketone bodies are formed, and one of the ways in which our bodies excreted them is through the breath. Ketones don’t have a very pleasant smell, causing us to have bad breath.

3. You have problems with your digestion 

Dietary fibers are extremely important for a healthy diet and can help in the prevention of various diseases, like high blood pressure. They also stimulate the bowels and ensure that we do not suffer from constipation or bloating. Dietary fiber is mainly found in healthy foods rich in carbohydrates, such as whole grain products. That’s why we should not be completely without them.

4. You are constantly hungry and in a bad mood

Carbohydrates lift our mood because they promote the production of the so-called happiness hormone serotonin. However, if you consume things like sweets and chocolate, your blood sugar levels will first spike, and then drop, causing you to experience mood swings. That’s why conscious consumption of complex carbohydrates (like cereal products, legumes, and vegetables) helps our mood. Our body can only slowly process them, which maintains a constant blood sugar level.

5. You get tired easily when you work out

During our workouts, our muscles get the needed energy from glycogen, which is the glucose storage of our body. If the storage is empty, the body uses proteins as a substitute. Because our bodies need protein for building muscles, it’s will be pretty difficult for you to gain muscle weight if you completely cut off all forms of carbohydrates. In addition to that, your muscles may also feel sore more easily if your glucose levels are too low.

What to do?

If you notice one or more of these symptoms that do not go away on their own after a few days, you should definitely find out if you are consuming enough carbohydrates and, if necessary, increase their intake a little. Make sure to ask your doctor, and make diet changes if needed. 


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