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Must-Have Foods for Healthy and Glowing Skin

The recent rise in skincare awareness, trends, and marketing tactics may have conditioned women’s minds into believing that good skincare alone is the key to healthy skin. However, that is only the partial truth. The importance of skincare for healthy and glowing skin comes second – the first has always been diet and lifestyle.

The phrase “You are what you eat” is a true expression of the importance of a healthy diet. Your diet not only impacts your physical health but mental as well. Thankfully, nature has given us various options to choose from to live a healthy, well-balanced life. The best part is that most natural foods need little to no preparation for consumption.

Some foods enhance the look and feel of our skin more than others. They promote the production of healthy skin cells and components while fighting our skin troubles like acne, pigmentation, dullness, etc. Although all sorts of fruits and vegetables are great for health, when your focus is solely on the skin, look for foods that contain Vitamin C, D, A, E, K, omega fatty acids, collagen, protein, and antioxidants. Some such foods that contain these nutrients are

  • Blue Berries

Do not let their size fool you! These delicious, juice-filled round pieces are full of antioxidants that protect your skin cells from radical damage.

As easy as they are to pop into your mouth any time, blueberries can also be incorporated into your diet by making a smoothie or using them as toppings for oatmeal and desserts.  

  • Oranges

A wholesale supply of Vitamin C – oranges is one of the best fruits to give you glowing skin. Consume an orange slice by slice, or juice it out – it will taste delicious anyway. 

  • Oats

Oats are a powerhouse of nutrients that help the human body thrive. The vitamins and zinc in oats help skin rejuvenation, oil control, and detoxification.

  • Avocadoes

Another great source of fatty acids – avocadoes are a superfood for that bouncy, soft, and glowing skin. Avocadoes are a versatile food, i.e., it adapts the taste of whatever you add to them. Hence, you could customize it to be sweet, savoury, spicy, or mild – whatever you’re in the mood for.

  • Seeds

Chia seeds, sunflower seeds, sesame seeds, pumpkin seeds, flaxseeds, hemp seeds – all are packed with nutrients that boost skin health.

Sprinkle seeds on your food or add them to juices and smoothies to take any food up a notch.

  • Nuts

Almonds, walnuts, brazil nuts, pistachios, cashews – these earthy goodies are delicious for the tongue and healthy for the skin. Munch on a handful of them every day to keep your skin looking like a million bucks!

P.S. We aren’t mentioning it in the list, but we all know the ultimate hack for flawless skin. WATER. Go, drink up!


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