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What is Science-Driven Skincare and Why Are We So Obsessed with It?

Science and technology have all but taken over most aspects of our life. The rise of technology has pushed us to make sure that even our everyday trivial matters are solved per scientific knowledge.

We don’t want to indulge in baseless things that have no scientific support. Be it cooking or exercising, we attempt to do our best in the way which is most beneficial for us. And who tells us what’s best for us? Science.

While scientific knowledge takes command over all our life activities, the influence of science in the beauty industry, especially skincare, is particularly significant and interesting.

What is Science-based skincare?

The term skintellectualism is gaining popularity as more and more people indulge in it. It means understanding your skin problems and giving them exactly what it requires. Gone are the days when we believed in over the counter products. We were convinced that a product that had the labels of ‘natural’, and claimed of giving you ‘glowing and bright skin’ will actually do what it claims.

Now, with the development of science-driven skincare, we know exactly what our skin requires and that specific ingredient in your routine can make or break your skin.

We understand that skin is the largest organ of the body. And, like every other organ in the body, its problems cannot be treated by the “all-natural” kitchen ingredients. Yes, I am talking about the time we rubbed a lemon on our faces thinking it will get rid of hyperpigmentation.

The jokes on us, even kitchen ingredients are made up of chemicals – lemon, for example, has vitamin C.  Even though vitamin C is amazing for the skin, lemon is not the correct source for its topical application. You need the correct formulation, dosage, and application method to reap the benefits of an ingredient. This is where science-based skincare comes into play.

Is chemical skincare effective?

With more information and research happening, we can say that acne can be safely treated with retinol and salicylic acid. Even if you are not comfortable with using the chemical on its own, these ingredients and their likes are incorporated in so many skincare products which actually live up to their claims.

In the same way, hyaluronic acid is magic for dry skin when used on damp skin.

There are tons of different ingredients in the market formulated especially for a specific skin problem. Each ingredient is efficient and potent and comes with its own source of prerequisites that make them effective. But, despite the use of targeted ingredients in our skincare, it is important to remember that perfect skin is a myth and everyone has their share of flaws which is what makes us beautiful. 

In short, science-driven skincare, or chemical skincare is 100% effective. However, before diving into it, you need to be well-versed about it through research or with the help of a dermatologist. 


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