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Get Rid of Acne For Good! Here are 5 Ways to Remove Acne

Shh.. keep it low! The ‘A’ word is contagious. At least across our own skins.

For decades now, the young and adults, may it be men or women, have been struggling with this number one skin concern – Acne.

Wherever we go – may it be a family event, friends gathering, or even just a scroll across the internet – we are most likely to find unsolicited tips and pieces of advice to ‘cure’ our skin overnight.

But the question prevails: Is it really possible to get rid of acne overnight?

Realistically speaking, no.

But that does not mean that acne cannot be reduced overnight. With the correct internal and external care of the body and skin, acne is yet another demon that shall go down with time, patience, and consistency.

Now onto some action; here are 5 steps to follow if you wish to reduce and remove acne for a clearer, brighter-looking skin.

1. Cleanse face with an antibacterial facewash 2x a day

It is a no-brainer that a clean face will prevent bacteria from breeding on your skin, in turn preventing the spread of Acne as well.

Using an antibacterial face wash will ensure that even the existing bacteria from your skin are washed away, leaving your skin clean and germ-free.

Tip: look for cleansers and face washes that incorporate antibacterial ingredients such as ‘tea tree oil’ and ‘witch hazel’ in them.

2. Drink at least 6-8 glasses of water daily

Hydration is key, my friends!

Water is one of the primary contributors to the purification of blood. Thus, the purer your blood is, the clearer your skin will get.

Hydration is not limited to gulping water only. It also includes water-rich fruits, teas, smoothies, and more.

3. Do not skip Moisturizer

What did I tell you about hydration? Yep. It is equally essential topically.

Now it is a popular myth that oily skinned people should avoid moisturizers. This is far from the truth. Every skin requires topical moisturization. The secret is to find a formula that suits your skin type.

Tip: make sure your moisturizer is non-comedogenic.

4. Wash your Pillow Covers

The home of your nightly drools and skincare & haircare residue!

Yes, I am talking about your pillow cover. They carry more bacteria than you can imagine. Wash them regularly – fortnightly, to be precise – to make sure that the surface your face spends 6+ hours on is clean and fresh.

Tip: do not neglect your phone screen either. Wipe it with an antibacterial solution at least once every day.

5. Reflect Internally

It goes without saying that most of our external problems arise due to an internal imbalance of hormones or a lack of certain nutrients.

No matter how many layers of skincare you apply, your skin will show little to no improvement if your insides are lacking attention.

An excellent area to start paying attention to is your diet. Make it a habit of incorporating nutrient-rich foods such as vegetables, beans, fish, and fruits in your meals daily.

For further insights, get your hormones tested to find out if they cause your acne.

Tip: ask your physician to write you a thorough test so that you can find out possible deficiencies in your body too.


No matter how many tips you decide to follow from the above, make sure that you stay consistent in your actions. After all, consistency in the right steps will reap sure and long-lasting results.


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