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Yes, It’s Possible: Sustainable Holiday Shopping 

Everyone loves to indulge a little during the holiday season. That often involves purchasing something new, for either yourself or the people you love. As soon as Black Friday comes, most of us go crazy with holiday shopping, and we often buy much more than we need. That creates a lot of waste, impacting not only our wallet but the environment too. 

That’s why we have prepared some tips on how to make holiday shopping more environmentally friendly. No, you don’t have to make any drastic changes, and most of these tips can even help you save some money! So let’s see how to shop for the holidays sustainably.

Buy locally 

An excellent method to support small businesses and ethical production while also gifting products with a smaller carbon footprint is to purchase goods created locally. Hit up your local small businesses and see what they have to offer. Maybe beautiful, hand-made candles? Whatever you choose will not only improve the economy in your local area, but it will also be much friendlier to the environment than something that is mass-produced.

Food-related presents 

Do you have a huge foodie in your life, and you aren’t sure what to gift them? Why not bake or cook something yourself? Not only is the gesture incredibly sweet, but it will also create much less waste, and a smaller carbon footprint, than buying some unnecessary things that the person most likely doesn’t even need. You don’t have to be a trained baker to do that. There are so many easy recipes that you can find on the internet. Just add some festive decorations, and a heart-written note, and your sweet and personal gift is good to go.

Quality over quantity 

Quality is not valued enough! Why not invest in something of quality, instead of something that the person may not even use? It’s not about gifting the biggest and flashiest gifts. It’s about giving the person you love something that could be useful in their everyday life. The same rule can be applied when purchasing decorations. Why not invest a bit more money in something that you can use for many years to come, instead of buying new, cheap decorations every year?

Buy less

Nothing reduces waste more than buying less! The holidays shouldn’t only be about who gets the craziest and most expensive gifts. It’s about spending time with your loved ones! So make sure you are not buying more than you have to. Even if gift-giving is your love language, there is only so much that one person needs. The people who truly love you will be more than happy with just being in your company. We are not saying that you shouldn’t surprise the people you love with sweet gifts, but we just want to remind you that there isn’t any need to go overboard.


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