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Brides, Carry These Makeup & General Products on Your Wedding Day

Disclaimer: This post is more valuable for the maid of honor than the bride itself. Why? Read below.

We all know it, the ‘bridezilla’ mode is real. Brides-to-be may claim that they will be calm and composed on their big day, however, the reality differs. There are many things that consume a bride’s mind on her wedding day – decor, dress, caterers, guests, accessories, etc. Therefore, sometimes they tend to forget the smaller but significant needs.

Whether you are a bride who is making to-do lists to keep herself prepared for the big day, or you’re one who’s skimming through the internet the night before. We are here to remind you of some useful things that you must keep handy at your event. 

P.S. Become carefree by forwarding this post to your maid of honor with a note saying “I know you got this.” Or, copy-paste the list on your “Wedding Preps” notes folder for repeated reminders. 

Small Yet Significant Beauty Essentials for Brides

Compact Powder & Blotting Paper

A wedding party lasts from day to night. That is a long time for makeup to hold up without touch-ups. Hence, a compact powder with light to medium coverage is essential to carry. Amidst all the laughing, dancing, and maybe crying – the powder will come to the rescue to renew your makeup. 

On the other hand, blotting paper helps soak up excess oil and sweat without disturbing the makeup underneath. 


Do not let your pout go dull even for a second. 

Your lipstick will be the fastest to fade when eating and drinking are involved. Therefore, it is always wise to keep one handy for touch-ups. If you’re getting professional makeup services, request the makeup artist for some of the lip products he/she used in a refillable container to carry on the go. Alternatively, carry a few shades from your own makeup collection. 

Lash Glue

This might sound like a weird suggestion, but it is with utmost experience that we’re suggesting it. However, you may ignore it if you’re not planning to wear false eyelashes at your wedding.

Lash incidents happen more times than we know. Lashes tend to lose their stickiness from the inner corners of the eyes which in turn falters the vision. Keeping a lash glue on hand solves the situation instead of having to struggle or eliminate the problem altogether. 

Alternatively, you can go for magnetic eyelashes for ease and convenience without compromising on looks.

Lens Kit

You know the drill – ignore if you don’t plan to wear lenses as a bride.

Lens are nasty little items that are proven to cause trouble on days we least expect it. To be on the safe side, we suggest carrying your lens kit so you’re able to tackle any potential irritation that arises. 

Makeup Wipes

They’re a must-have!

Correct or remove any makeup smudges on the go with makeup wipes. Use them to tame baby hair, or to freshen your armpits. Both bride and groom will find solid uses for them. 

Hair & Safety Pins

Another multi-purpose product that will not only come in handy for the couple but the whole family.

Hair and safety pins are essential to fix any hair or dress mishaps in a jiffy!

While it’s best to be prepared, the most important thing is to enjoy your big day to the fullest. If anything goes unplanned, just remember – no one will remember it a few weeks down the road. 


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