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A Guide to the New Titanic Replica

The story of the Titanic has intrigued the masses for over a hundred years. The great ship that was thought to be “Unsinkable” hit an Iceberg in 1912 and sunk. Almost 1500 lives were lost and many of the victim’s graves have been resting at the bottom of the ocean for the past 110 years.

An Australian businessman, Clive Palmer, announced the building of a replica of the Greatest ship of all time, Titanic II. Palmer made the big announcement in 2012 and announced that the replica was expected to sail in 2022. He wants to recreate the magic, romance, and adventure of the infamous movie while bringing nations together. For him, the ship does not imitate tragedy but he often refers to it as the “Ship of Love” in his press releases and interviews. Like him, many of the passengers in the original Titanic were dreamers, too, who wanted to see the world with a different eye and bring people together.

However, there are rumors of a delay in the sailing date owing to the COVID -19 virus which hindered the building process. It’s a $500 Million project and will follow the same sailing route as the original Titanic, from Dubai to New York.

How  Big is Titanic II?

The ship will have the capacity to accommodate 2400 passengers and 900 crew members and has the same cabin layout and interiors as the original ship. Palmer’s idea is to replicate the whole experience with, of course, better technology, however, the overall Vibe of the ship will not be disturbed. Like the original Titanic, the ship will have first, second, and third-class cabins, and the guests will be presented with an opportunity to wear period costumes.

Journey Details

The Chinese-built ship will start its grand voyage from Dubai and will embark on global routes, starting from the exact path of the original ship, traveling from Southampton to New York. There might be a small detour to the Ocean bottom, as per the suggested reports. The voyage will be replicated but hopefully not its fate.

Is Titanic II Safe this Time?

Many people cannot help themselves from questioning the safety of the ship keeping in mind the traumatic event of 1912. To their relief,  all safety measures are being considered by the builders. Ample lifeboats have been arranged in the ship and a hull is welded in the ship instead of being riveted. However, in the era of global warming, some scientists believe that there are more dangerous Icebergs than before. The owners of this $500 Million project have assured that all safety measures will be taken care of before the Grand Voyage and all the factors which contributed to the sinking of the ship will be eliminated in Titanic II.

When will the Reservations Start?

The ship was expected to sail in 2022, however, there is no announcement by their Facebook page regarding the trip details. The tickets are not on sale and it will be too soon to comment whether it will be a one-way fare or a round trip.


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