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The Top 5 Most Glamorous Airlines

Flying can be an intimidating affair with unprofessional or slow flight attendants, tasteless food, overcrowded flights with no leg room, and other obstacles. Such an experience will turn your travel into a nightmare quickly. Instead of looking fresh and radiant, you will be dehydrated, tired, and exhausted after the flight. However, some airlines provide you with everything you can think of and are here to sway you with their hygiene, comfort, service, and their glam interiors. Whoever has said that money can’t buy you happiness has surely never taken a flight on any of these airlines. Here’s to a glam experience on one of these airlines.

Etihad Airways

Etihad Airways has always been at the top of many lists and has won countless awards for its exemplary services. They offer very comfortable luxury flights. If you like to sleep in a double bed suite, then booking a flight in Etihad should be the first thing on your to-do list tomorrow. The luxury air suite comes with a personal chef and a butler to cater to every need of the passengers. It is equivalent to staying in a glamourous hotel which is almost 35,000 ft above the ground

Singapore Airlines

Singapore Airlines offers a personal designer cabin to their passengers. The cabins are designed by the famous French designer, Jean – Jacques Coste. As soon as the passenger boards the flight, he/she is handed over a pair of pajamas and slippers to make his/her travel duration more comfortable. The cabins have a television screen along with a WIFI connection to entertain their passengers throughout the flight. The seats are super comfy and provide ample legroom for a comfortable flight. They also offer a variety of gourmet dishes to choose from.


Everything about Emirates Airline says Royalty, The Dubai-based airline is one of the most expensive airlines in the world. It provides its passengers with all the amenities they could wish for and is easily the most Glamorous airline. People who have traveled in the Emirates often refer to it as a spa or a bar lounge as they serve complimentary drinks, alcoholic and non-alcoholic, based on the preference of their passengers.

Qatar Airways

Another Middle Eastern airline that has made the list, Qatar Airways, is one of the biggest airlines in the world and travels to approximately 140 destinations. They welcome their passengers with an all amenity kit, however, the moment of delight comes when the passengers start opening the kit and find all Georgio Armani products at their disposal. The lounge of Qatar Airways is huge and the interior is to die for.

British Airways

The name says it all, it hails from the land of the Queen and speaks volumes about the British Hospitality with their famous British tea. However, their glamour does not end here; in addition to serving their British tea, they give spas and facials during some flights. The idea is to provide the passengers with the best time of their lives and have a super relaxed journey.


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