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What is the Russian Lip Technique? Is it Safe?

Russians have always been famous for their beauty and near-perfect facial features. If you are one of those people who keeps an eye on the latest beauty trends, then you know all about the Russian Lip Technique. In the era of Botox and implants, Lip Fillers are a new way to achieve the perfect lip shape (which by today’s standards is plumper and more voluminous). Over time, men and women both have become more conscious about their facial features and their enhancement to ensure a perfect canvas for makeup.

What Is New About The Russian Lip Technique?

This special technique will enhance the cupid’s bow of your lips by injecting fillers in the center of the lip, giving it a more doll-like look. This filler lifts the lips rather than adding excessive volume to the lips, which is often referred to as the “sausage look”. The “sausage look” is when the fillers are injected evenly into the lips, thus accentuating the whole lip rather than one feature.

The product itself is not at all new, however, the technique is new. Earlier, fillers were added horizontally and would add volume to the overall shape of the lips evenly. In this technique, the fillers are added vertically starting from the base of the lip, and working the product outward towards the lip border. The goal is to achieve a subtle heart shape with more volume in the center, giving it a flattering look and increased height.

The technique requires finesse so it is imperative to find a trustworthy artist.

Can I Have These Fillers With My Current Fillers?

This technique is best suited for newbies with a fresh canvas. However, If you already have fillers, it is recommended by doctors to dissolve the prior ones before your appointment. It is advisable to wait for at least two weeks before getting your new fillers injected. The idea is to make sure that your lips have returned to their original state because the Russian filler technique requires no filler on the border of the lip to achieve the best results; so, all fillers should be dissolved.

How Long Does It Take To Get These Fillers Injected?

The placement of the filler is very important, so the injector has to be very precise and focused. The procedure requires patience and the session can range from 30 Minutes to one hour depending on the quantity of the filler being injected and the condition of the lip tissue.

Owing to the precision required to master this technique to its full potential, it takes double the time in comparison to other lip filler techniques as depositing the droplets between the lip tissues takes more time.

Is The Procedure Painful? Is It Safe?

The pain is usually minimal as there are very less entry points for injection. The procedure is usually carried out with no anesthesia to decrease the after-effects of the procedure. The Russian lip technique is said to be completely safe; however, there will be some swelling and, in some cases, bruising, as well. The side effects are manageable and will settle with time. In case of bruising, it is advisable to consult your doctor.

How Long Do The Fillers Last?

These fillers will last 6- 12 months with touchups required every 3-9 months.


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