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All You Need to Know About Accessible Beauty Products for the Disabled

With beauty becoming more inclusive with each passing day, it has become imperative for the beauty industry to come up with products that cater to a niche of the market; disabled people. There is a very high demand in the market for beauty products that can be used for the affected people. If you are someone who is looking for disabled-friendly beauty products, you have to come to the right space.

 To your surprise, there are a lot of products in the market which have been proven affective for the disabled community in terms of their usage and efficacy. They are specially designed for these people in mind and are comfortable to use.

Flex Creations Kohl Kreatives

Beauty is incomplete without the right set of tools. Therefore, Kohl Kreatives, an inclusive beauty brand that is famous for its makeup tools, has launched their disabled-friendly line. This line is especially for people with disabilities, particularly in the upper limb. Their signature line, Flex Collection, is made of five beauty brushes with handles that are easy to handle. The best thing about the line is that their heads are easily bendable so they are comfortable on the hands and provide more precision while usage.

Guide Beauty – An inclusive brand for the Disabled

Guide Beauty was founded by Terri Byrant in 2020. However, soon after that, Byrant was diagnosed with Parkinson’s Disease. The diagnosis inspired Byrant to launch an all-inclusive beauty product so that people with disabilities can also enjoy makeup like non-disabled people. The idea was to design a range that is more accessible to use. The range has four products to complete the eye look: mascara to add volume to the lashes, eyebrow gel to give the perfect shape to the eyebrow, potted gel eyeliner for the perfect wing, and an eyeliner applicator for ease of usage.  Most of these products have a handgrip applicator to make them more accessible and provide support to the fingers and keep a steady hand

Lash Wrap is a mascara that is one of the star products among the range which comes with a ring to keep the hand steady while applying makeup.

Liquid touch Weightless Foundation, Rare Beauty

Selena Gomez has always been open about her journey in fighting different diseases. Therefore, her brand, Rare Beauty, is all about inclusive beauty products, from eyes to face to lips. The brand is very affordable as well and has almost every product one can need to complete their look. These products are very accessible and are designed to mirror the shape of the users. The round bottle tops make the use very easy for everyone, especially those with upper limb disability.

The star product in her beauty line is the Weightless foundation which has received a lot of appreciation for its disabled-friendly packaging. It has a ball on the top which caters especially to people with arthritis. It comes in 48 shades and has a doe foot applicator which allows them to put one dot on at a time, thus giving them more grip over the application process.


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