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Skin First, Makeup Second: The Future Trends of Skincare

For many of us, the new normal is putting on sunscreen, applying mascara to widen our eyes a bit, and rubbing some tinted lip balm on our cheeks and lips. The mantra that has become very simple for all of us is, “Skin first and makeup second.”  However, this wasn’t the case a couple of years ago; we used to heavily invest in makeup and were far off from having a skincare regime made from different products for day and night. Every other person was using the same generic products regardless of their skin types.

Then vs Now

Earlier, the beauty industry revolved around having products to define contour lines or emphasize the cupid bow, etc. Indirectly, everyone was hiding their tired eyes and dehydrated skin under a thick layer of foundation and concealer. However, the mindset has changed now. Some people believe this is because of COVID-19. Since people started taking care of their health, it was time to pay their skin some due attention, too.

The new trends are embarking towards a future where skincare will be a priority. A lot of beauty brands have shifted their product ranges towards skincare more as it is the need of the market and is in high demand because of this. Every second individual in the world has a skincare regime as per their skin type. People have started understanding their skin and then acting upon its requirement to have a glowy, radiant shine.

It is not only about the skincare products, individuals have also realized the need for a healthy lifestyle to aid in the rejuvenation of their skin. The users have become more educated on skincare over time and instead of buying products that cover their problem areas, are now investing in products that treat their problem areas. They have become ingredient-savvy when it comes to skincare purchases. They have a deep understanding of what their skin lacks and then buy products that fulfill the requirements.

Earlier, It was one moisturizer and one sunscreen for all skin types, but now, there are different ranges from hydrating products to oil-free products. The list is never-ending and each one of them is filled with ingredients that target different problem areas and various skin types. Long story short, people are expecting more personalized and inclusive product ranges.

What does the Future Hold for Us?

The future is all about having plumper and healthier skin. However, some individuals are opting for voluntary cosmetic surgeries for glass skin (a concept specifically affiliated with Korean beauties) or healthy-looking skin.

Though these surgeries give instant results, they are not the best option to opt for in the long run. They always have a side effect that follows years later. Therefore, to have the healthiest skin possible, stick to the skincare regimen that is best for your skin type and continue to eat healthy foods that are good for your skin.

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