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Gen Z and Their Beauty Standards: Are There Even Any?

Gen Z is the most self-aware generation of its time. They focus on self-care, acknowledgment, and acceptance. They don’t follow the already established beauty or lifestyle standards, rather focus on making their path. Gen Z’s have a tendency and the exposure to make their path and follow it unapologetically.  This generation has grown from the era of Facebook to making trends on Tiktok. This generation believes in freedom of speech in all aspects of life.

Gen Z and Its Beauty Standards

Gen Z does not follow a set of pre-established beauty rules; instead, they have their own rule book when it comes to beauty and skincare standards. The book revolves around one simple idea, “EMBRACE YOUR FLAWS AND ACCEPT THEM”.

They refuse to define themselves with size, shape, skin color, ethnicity, or any other dividing factor, which has been part of the society from the beginnings of time. There are no beauty standards for this generation, rather they believe everyone is beautiful in their unique way. With the hype in digital media, this generation has a smarter way of making themselves heard quickly and making brands and other leaders of the market follow their lead.  A hashtag on Twitter can trend in minutes worldwide. In centuries past, market leaders were the ones setting standards and making people follow them through their marketing and branding strategies.

In this era, the trends are set under the concept of individuality only; any trend which crosses the line of inclusivity gets bashed instantly. For example, when Tarte Shape Tape Foundation was initially launched in only 15 shades, the netizens were outraged by the lack of shades introduced by Tarte. Tarte was accused of not having enough shades for darker skinned people and forgetting about them in its initial launch.

Incidents like these have started becoming the talk of the town, as netizens do not like to take NO for an answer when it comes to a division based on beauty standards.

What is Beauty for GEN Z?

Gen Z defines beauty as a form of expression rather than something which can be seen with the naked eye. They believe beauty should be felt rather than seen. Everyone has a unique perspective towards the expression of beauty and how it should be revealed to society. The concept of individuality and accepting their flaws and owning them speaks volumes to them.

For them, beauty is comfort rather than something appealing to the eye with no realistic statures. Trends like no-makeup looks and selfies without filters have taken a toll on people and have highlighted a new set of audiences for brands that believe in inclusivity, reliability, and sustainability.

GEN Z does have beauty standards as long as they revolve around including everyone, accepting flaws, and wearing them unapologetically.

These standards are not set to appeal to the naked eye but rather to soothe the souls of everyone without any segregation based on size, shape, or color.


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