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How to Create a Glam Holiday Table Set Up for Two

When we think about the holidays, it automatically means love, family, and friends and a big traditional meal over a table. It means being together with the people you love and whose presence makes you feel happy. It can be either a group of people or someone special.  The holidays are always a source of joy and happiness and come with the urge to share them with your loved ones. It is an emotional time of the year because you are saying goodbye to the old and welcoming in the new year.

As opposed to the general phenomena where people tend to celebrate the Holidays in huge gatherings, holidays can also be celebrated with only you and that special someone. Here are some ideas to glam up your table for two during this holiday season.


Candles add intimacy to the aura which no other thing can add. Buy your favorite holiday candle and place it all around the table to spice up the room with your favorite scent. Adding a candlestick to the table will add royalty to your table and it will be a more customized touch. A bronze or a gold candlestick will be perfect for the occasion. Candles are a perfect way to change your mood and amp up the ambiance.


A color-coordinated table won’t hurt anyone. A little theme on the table will change the whole vibe. It is always recommended to go with subtle colors or holiday-inspired colors.

Avoid flashy napkin as that would not be an ideal vibe for two.  You can always decide on the shape of your liking and mood like a Lotus fold, a rosebud fold, a star fold, or a pendant fold. There are so so many to choose from.

TIP: Choose a shape close to you and your partner to give it a more intimate touch.

Wine or Champaign

Choose a bottle of wine or champagne to start your evening with and place it over the table. Avoid placing beers on the table even if it’s your most favorite drink, a special occasion always calls for something fine from your wine collection.

Cutlery and Crockery

Over the Holiday season, there are so many options in the market to choose from. You can either go for the holiday-themed crockery and cutlery option or with the classic choices; solid color crockery along with the bronze or gold cutlery. Avoid anything with animations or faces.


Lights are the only thing that will bring life to your cozy table set up. You don’t want the room to be lit up like the shining sun, uneasy to the eye, neither the room should be dark like a hole. The lights should be dim enough to ease the visibility and should complement the candles which are lit throughout the room. Warm lights are usually the perfect lights for such kind of setting, you can also decorate the area with fairy lights which will add more warmth to the setup. It is very important to keep a keen eye on the ambiance and it is the combining factor of all your efforts.


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