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How to Create the Most Glamorous Thanksgiving Decorations to Celebrate in Style

Thanksgiving always warms my heart with the emotions and the coziness this holiday brings. With togetherness, families and friends share a big feast and enjoy cozy autumnal decorations.

After the last year, there is no need to push anyone towards the holiday spirit as there are many things to be thankful for after COVID. Family and friends gather to celebrate this occasion with utmost love and spirit and nothing puts them in a better spirit than perfect thanksgiving decorations.

Here are some ideas to glam up your Thanksgiving.

A Wreath

Decorate your front door with an autumnal wreath, with patterns like pumpkins and rusted leaves, etc. The wreaths are a perfect way to welcome your guests into your cozy home. The wreaths can be personalized, too, as per your family’s liking.

Decorations at the Table

We all know, the star of the show in any setting is always the food. So it’s good to bring your festivities to the table by decorating it with your own personalized touch. There are so many decorations for a perfect table setting like candle stands, autumnal floral arrangements, pumpkin spiced candles, and beautiful table napkins to compliment the theme.

Decorate your Entrance Hall

Welcome your guests with a floral wreath in your entrance hall. The fresh in-season flowers will lighten up your entrance hall and will catch your guests’ eyes as soon as they enter. It is a perfect entrance hall decoration if you are an earthy person.

Bring Autumnal Decorations into Your House

A Thanksgiving without pumpkins is incomplete. Pumpkins are the signature scent of thanksgiving and cannot be left out of your celebrations. Dried pumpkins add a perfect element to the decorations and if you are in the mood, get a couple of spray paints and color them as per your liking with your family to compliment the theme of your house décor. There is no such statement as “too many pumpkins” because you can never go wrong with the number of pumpkins in your house.

Cocktail Station

Offering welcome drinks is a normal custom everywhere, however, over thanksgiving when you have your hands full with the dinner arrangements and settling in the guests, having a cocktail station is a good idea. Having a cocktail station in the living room will keep your guests entertained even when you are busy in the kitchen. A station can be on a table that is covered with a tablecloth or on a tea trolley for easy access.

Light up the Fireplace

To give your home a cozy touch, it’s good to warm up the fireplace. Another addition to that would be decorating the mantle with photo frames from the past thanksgiving or with candles. It will be a perfect blend in your evening and provide the most comfortable ambiance for your guests to enjoy their evening. On top of that, you can decorate the wall with wreaths as wall pieces.


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