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Forget About Brow Lamination With These Affordable Brow Products

If you follow the world of beauty and fashion at all, you surely know that eyebrow lamination is the new beauty obsession. We see those fluffy and big eyebrows everywhere, from celebrities to beauty influencers. The procedure itself has to be done professionally, and some pretty harsh chemicals are used for it.

Maybe you wanted to try out brow lamination, but you are scared that it will irritate your skin, or damage your eyebrows. We have some good news! You don’t actually have to commit to the procedure if you want to achieve a similar look. You can also get similar results with 3 affordable and widely available products. 

1. Soap and water

Perhaps the simplest and cheapest alternative to brow lamination. You can use soap and water to create a laminated effect. All you need is soap, a brush, and a setting spray. Use a brush to scoop up some soap and apply it to each brow, brushing upwards and outwards to create a high arch. Next, smooth your brows with your finger and spritz on a setting spray to keep every hair in place.

Make sure you use clear soap, as it will give you more of a clean finish without any residue. You can also use special “brow soaps” that are available at pretty much any drugstore. However, know that they work in a similar way to any other soap. Except that they most commonly come in completely clear or brown color. 

2. Vaseline

Vaseline is another easy way to achieve those trendy, fluffy brows, and you probably already have it at home. Apply a minimal amount of Vaseline to your eyebrows with your fingers and comb the hairs into a feathery shape with a brush. Vaseline will also give a glossy finish, much like a real brow lamination procedure.

However, this isn’t the ideal method for people who have very sparse brows. If you have naturally full eyebrows, vaseline will be the ideal way to give your eyebrows a shiny finish and some hold. But if you have thin eyebrows, vaseline will be a bit too heavy for you. 

3. Eyebrow glue

Everyone has heard of brow gels, but did you know that there is also brow “glue”? While that does sound a bit scary, the idea is pretty much the same. Brow glues are used to keep your brow hairs in place throughout the whole day. However, they are called “glues” because they have a much stronger hold. 

Your brow hairs will literally feel like they are glued on your face, however, you will be able to wash the product off by the end of the day without any issues. You can also use products like a strong hair gel or pomade with a spoolie to achieve a similar look. If you want, you can even use some good old hairspray. 


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