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What Are The Best Vegan Alternatives For Silk Pillowcases?

Silk pillowcases are a huge trend right now. They can be a great way to prevent wrinkles while sleeping. Most of them are antimicrobial, and they also help with the health of our hair. However, silk is not a vegan material. Silk is made of the cocoons of silkworms that are produced on silk farms. Most mass-produced silk is made by boiling or steaming silkworm cocoons with the silkworms still inside, which obviously kills the silkworms.

However, that doesn’t mean that there aren’t any vegan alternatives out there. We have made a list of the best vegan-friendly materials out there that have similar benefits to silk, but without hurting any animals. All of them will work great. However, there is a difference in price, availability, and sleeping comfort. It’s up to you to decide which one of these will fit your lifestyle and budget the best.


Let’s start with the classic. Cotton is one of the most popular materials and definitely the most widely available. However, not all cotton is made equal. You can have two 100% cotton shirts that feel completely different to the touch. The same goes for pillowcases. First of all, we would highly suggest that you only buy organic cotton, as it’s much less likely to cause any irritation or rashes. In addition, look for a soft cotton material that will reduce friction on both your hair and skin. Cotton is breathable and easy to care for. However, it also has the ability to absorb oil. That’s why you will have to wash it more often.


Satin pillowcases will give you the feeling of silk while still being vegan. They are widely available, and you can also get satin scrunchies, hair turbans, face masks, and more. They have similar benefits to silk, but they are significantly cheaper and more animal-friendly. Satin is a long-staple fabric that feels nice to the touch and lasts a long time. But it does have some problems, like being less breathable and hard to wash and dry.


Lyocell is not only animal-friendly but eco-friendly too. This fabric is probably the best vegan silk alternative because the waste created to make it is almost completely recycled. When making Lyocell, cellulose fibers from bamboo are used, which reduces the waste to a minimum. The fabric itself is silky-soft, breathable, and cooling. It has a luxurious shiny look and is wrinkle-resistant. Washing and drying are pretty easy as well.

Vegan silk

There are many different vegan silk options available on the market as well. Vegan silk is made from fibers of bananas, bamboo, eucalyptus, pine, and others. It has a similar look and feel to real silk, but no animals get hurt in the process of making it. Most commonly, vegan silk is completely bio-degradable, breathable, and ethically made. There aren’t that many companies that focus on eco-friendly vegan silk, so the price can be a bit high. However, this material is durable, and the pillowcase should last you for years.


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