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What Is Dolphin Skin And How Can You Achieve It?

In the last couple of years, makeup has been all about minimalism and natural-looking, dewy skin. The newest trend, called “Dolphin skin”, is no exception. The goal is for your skin to look so smooth that it mimics the dazzling, gleaming, super-radiant skin that identifies these sea mammals. The look includes both makeup and a terrific skin routine.

This look is pretty similar to the “glass skin trend”, however, they are not the same. While both of them are focused on dewy and radiant skin, the Dolphin look can’t be achieved with just skincare. Yes, you want to create a glow with thin layers of hydrating products. But you also want to make your skin appear as smooth as possible with the help of different primers and other complexion products.

First step: Have a good base

Before you start with any makeup product, make sure that your base is as smooth as possible. In order to achieve it, we would highly suggest that you get read of the peach fuzz on your face. This will instantly make your skin smoother, and it also works as an exfoliating technique.

In addition to that, you can even additionally exfoliate your skin using chemical exfoliants. AHAs and BHAs all work amazing in getting rid of dead skin cells and increasing skin cell turnover. This will result in brighter and smoother skin. However, you want to make sure you never do these two steps in the same routine, and that you ideally don’t do them right before putting on any makeup.

Second step: Hydration is key

Now that your skin is as smooth as possible, it’s time to hydrate it. For this look, you want to use lightweight hydrating products. Apply a few layers of a hydrating serum or essence, and finish it all off with a moisturizer and your favorite SPF. The hydrating layers will give you a radiant glow without making your skin appear greasy. You want to look for products with hyaluronic acid, snail mucin or glycerin.

Third step: Silicone based primers

Even with the best skincare routine in the world, real skin still has some texture. There is no reason to feel bad about that, however, if you want to get that “Dolphin” skin look, you could use the help of silicone primers.

Silicones like “Dimethicone” are known to smooth out the surface of our skin. They will make your pores, texture, fine lines, and wrinkles less visible.
While we wouldn’t suggest to use heavy silicone primers every day, they can be a great way to elevate your makeup look for some special occasions.

Forth step: Highlighter

Who says that heavy highlighter is a thing of the past? For this makeup look more really is more. You want to glow to the gods, and that’s why a good highlighter will be the backbone of this look.

Because this look is so focused on dewy looking skin and a natural finish, we would suggest to go for a liquid or cream highlighter. Powder highlighter could look a bit to harsh on your radiant skin. Just use a few drops of your favorite illuminating product, and blend it all in with the help of a beauty sponge.

Finish it all off with a hydrating setting spray. This will make the whole look come together and blend in effortlessly into your skin. Congrats, because by now you even Dolphins should be jealous of your radiant and smooth complexion.


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