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Planning a Summer Vacation? Here Are All the Beauty Products That You Will Need

Summer is here, and that means that many of us are getting ready for our beach vacations. If you’re a chronic over-packer like I am, then you’re probably feeling tempted to pack your whole elaborate collection of beauty products. But let’s be realistic — once we’re in vacation mode, most of us feel too lazy to complete a 12-step skincare routine. So if you only want to pack things that you will actually use, here are some must-have beauty products to pack for your summer vacation.

Tinted Sunscreen

One of the most important beauty products you’ll need for your summer vacation is sunscreen. Protecting your skin from the sun’s harmful rays is essential, not only for your appearance but for your health. A tinted sunscreen will not only protect your skin but will also give you a natural glow. So if you’re deciding on which face sunscreen you should pack for your vacation, I would strongly suggest opting for a tinted sunscreen. It can double as a foundation, and it is also better at preventing hyperpigmentation caused by sun damage. Choose a formula that’s lightweight and easy to apply, so you won’t mind wearing it daily.

Waterproof Mascara for Summer Vacation

You probably don’t feel like blending out a smokey eye or creating a cut-crease while you’re on your vacation. However, a little bit of mascara can do the trick when it comes to enhancing your eyes. But it’s important to choose the right one. Our suggestion — always choose a waterproof mascara for your summer vacation. It won’t smudge or run, so you can enjoy your summer activities without worrying about your makeup. Look for a formula that’s long-lasting and easy to remove, so you won’t damage your lashes.

Shimmering Body Lotion

If your looking for something that will make your skin look stunning during your summer nights out, then a shimmering body lotion is just what you need. It will give your skin a subtle glow, making you look radiant and refreshed. If you want to look extra glowy, you can choose something with subtle shimmer particles or natural oils that will nourish your skin and make it appear smooth and radiant. 

Basic Skincare Kit for Summer Vacation

It’s essential to take care of your skin, especially during the summer months. A basic skincare kit should include a gentle cleanser, toner, and moisturizer. That, in addition to sunscreen, is pretty much all you need. Sure, elaborate skincare routines can be fun and a ritualistic experience. However, there is nothing wrong with keeping things simple while you’re on vacation.

Shampoo and Nourishing Hair Mask

Saltwater, chlorine, and the sun’s rays can damage your hair, so make sure you pack a shampoo and nourishing hair mask. Look for a shampoo that’s gentle and won’t strip your hair of its natural oils. A nourishing hair mask will help restore moisture and repair damage caused by the sun and water. While conditioner works good enough throughout the rest of the year, you’ll want to give your hair a little bit extra TLC when it’s exposed to sea water and UV rays every day. 


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