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Gradient Lips Are the Newest Makeup Trend: Here’s How To Get the Look

Are you looking for a fun and trendy lip look to spice up your summer makeup looks? Then look no further than gradient lips. This is the newest beauty trend that has completely taken over not only social media but also the runways. While the gradient lip look is focused on enhancing the natural look and shape of our lips, it’s still a playful and effective way to add a pop of color to your face. It’s ideal for “clean girl” makeup looks, but you can also wear them on a full glam beat. If we have sparked your curiosity, here’s how to get the look.

What are gradient lips?

Before I tell you how you can achieve gradient lips, let’s first clarify what they actually are. Gradient lips are, in a way, a much more natural version of the 2016 ombre lips trend. But instead of using opaque liquid lipsticks, you can use a lip stain, oil, or creamy lipstick. They first gained recognition in the K beauty world, where lip tints and stains have been popular for years. The goal is to make the center of your lips appear flushed and red, while the outside of your lips stays pale. This technique gives your lips a multidimensional and natural-looking effect that makes them look plumper and more voluminous.

How to get the look

Now that you know what gradient lips are, and what it is that makes them so special, you might be wondering about how you can get the look yourself. Lucky for you, it’s actually a lot easier than you may think. And that’s because the whole idea behind this trend is to make your lips look naturally flushed and not too polished.

As I have already explained, you can use different products to get this look. Anything creamy will work. The best results are achieved with lip tints and tinted lip balms, but you can get pretty much the same effect with regular red lipstick and some Vaseline. So let’s get over the steps.

Prep your lips: Before you start applying anything to your lips, you have to make sure they are prepared. You can use a lip scrub and a nourishing lip balm to achieve that. If your lips are chapped and dehydrated, you simply won’t get the look you desire.

Apply the base: If your lips aren’t naturally pale, you will have to use a nude lip color to create a good base. Use semi-matte nude lipstick or even a small amount of concealer. This will make the gradient lipstick a lot more visible.

Apply the red on the center: Now that your base is ready, it’s time to use the red lipstick or lip tint on the center of your lips. You can use a small lip brush, or even your fingertips to apply the red lip product. Make sure you’re focusing the color on the center of your lips, and blend it in with the nude base on the outer parts of your lips.


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