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How to Switch Up Your Makeup Routine For the Hot and Humid Summer Months

Every makeup lover knows how challenging it can be to keep your makeup on your face during those hot summer months. Our usual makeup routine just doesn’t cut it when the heat and humidity are over the roof. In addition to that, no one likes the feeling of heavy and cakey makeup on their faces when the temperature rises. So if you’re looking for ways to switch up your makeup routine for the summer months, here are some of our favorite tips. 

Tinted sunscreen instead of foundation

One of the biggest challenges of summer makeup is finding a foundation that can withstand heat and humidity. Fortunately, there is an alternative: tinted sunscreen. Tinted sunscreens offer both coverage and sun protection, making them the perfect choice for summer. There are so many amazing tinted sunscreens available on the market at the moment, however, you have to be careful when it comes to choosing the right shade. A lot of them can have an orange undertone that’s especially visible on pale skin, so if you have the chance — make sure to check them out in person. And also don’t forget to reapply your sunscreen throughout the day.

Waterproof mascara

Waterproof mascara is yet another crucial summer beauty item. Regular mascara won’t work with the sweat, humidity, and possible trips to the pool and seaside.  Waterproof mascara is made to withstand water, sweating, and humidity, keeping your lashes defined and voluminous all day. Look for a waterproof mascara that has a non-flaking or non-smearing formula. For a dramatic, eye-opening effect, apply it to both your top and bottom lashes. If you want to keep your makeup minimal for the summer months, you can also try out brown mascara.

Cream bronzer and blush

Powder products can cake up and look heavy in the summer heat. To achieve a more natural, dewy look, switch to cream-based products like bronzer and blush. Cream products blend effortlessly into the skin, giving you a natural-looking glow. But I have to warn you — a lot of them will also last a lot shorter than powder products would. To make your makeup long-lasting, you can apply a light layer of powder makeup on top. Layering different formulas is key when it comes to making makeup last.

Lip products with added SPF

While we all know the importance of wearing sunscreen on our face and body, our lips often get overlooked. But just like the rest of our skin, our lips need sun protection too. Thankfully, there are so many different lip products on the market with added sun protection. If you want to keep things natural and simple, you can opt for a tinted lip balm with added SPF. However, you’ll also find numerous opaque lipsticks or lip glosses with added SPF, or you can even apply a thin layer of your regular sunscreen to your lips.

Setting spray is key

Finally, no summer makeup routine is complete without a good setting spray. Setting spray is designed to keep your makeup in place all day long, even in the hottest and most humid conditions. It also helps to control oil and keep your skin looking fresh and matte. Apply it after you’ve finished your makeup routine, and reapply throughout the day as needed.


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