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Go Big Or Go Home: The Trendiest Eyeliner Looks For 2023

Trends are a bit weird these days. Especially if you’re a millennial. I never thought that I would see low-rise jeans make a comeback, but here we are I guess. I’m not usually the one to follow trends, however, when it comes to makeup — it can be so much fun, especially when we’re talking the trendiest eyeliner looks.

The one great thing about makeup is that it can be taken off by the end of the day. All you need is the makeup remover of your choice and some fresh towels. So why not take advantage of that? If you are looking for some fun makeup inspiration to try out in 2023, here’s a list of some of our favorite eyeliner trends.

Brown Siren Eyes 

One of the biggest eye makeup trends of 2022 has definitely been siren eyes. This look completely changed the way in which most of us apply eyeliner. Instead of a line all across the eyelid, the siren eyes include only a thin line that starts at the center of your eyelid, and wings out in the direction of your eyelashes. To complete this look, you should also apply some eyeliner to the inner eyes of your corners to elongate your eyes even further. 

While most of these looks featured classic black eyeliner, we will see a lot of brown and burgundy eyeliners in 2023. These shades will look especially good on people with green and blue eye colors, and they also look a lot less harsh on people with paler skin. Combine this eyeliner look with brown mascara and a nude liner in your water line, and you are good to go with one of the trendiest eyeliner looks.

Black & White

Black and white eyeliner looks are making a huge comeback in 2023! They are a great way to have some fun with your eyeliner, while still keeping things considerably classy and timeless. You can combine these two eyeliner colors however you like, however, the most common way is to create the classic winged liner look and follow the line with some white eyeliner. This will make your eyes appear bigger, and it will also further enhance the sharpness of your cat eye.

Colorful Looks

We will see even more colorful eyeliner trends in 2023! While we saw a lot of blue, green, and yellow eyeliner looks during the previous year, you can expect to see a lot more pink, lavender, and orange during 2023. You can combine this look with minimal face makeup and a nude lippie, or go all out and create playful monochromatic eye looks topped off with eyeliner in the same color.

The Cult Classic Winged Liner

How could we make a list of eyeliner trends and not include the cult classic? Let’s make things clear — a simple black-winged liner will always be on trend. It elevates every makeup look, and when done properly, suits all eye colors and most eye shapes. Things can get tricky if you have hooded eyelids, but the secret is to slightly curve the line connecting your wing and the rest of your eyeliner for one of the trendiest eyeliner looks.


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