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Feeling Uninspired? Chic and Cozy Outfit Ideas For The Office

It’s January. It’s freezing, dark, and gloomy. Most of us aren’t feeling inspired by the weather to wear our most stylish and on-trend clothes. Instead, what we really want is to feel comfortable, warm, and like we are wearing PJs. Sadly, most offices won’t be too keen on you arriving at the office in your onesie. But that doesn’t mean that you have to compromise on your comfort. If you need cozy outfit ideas that are office-friendly, then keep on reading. 

1. Oversized knitted dresses 

If you want to feel as comfortable as possible, while still looking stylish and like you actually did put some effort into your look, this is the look for you. Oversized knitted dresses can be combined with thick tights, over-the-knee boots, and thick coats. You will be fully covered and warm, while not having to squeeze yourself into tight pants for your work day. Choose neutral colors and trendy accessories such as golden hoops and oversized belts. To make sure you stay warm even in the dead of winter, you can also layer a thinner sweater underneath your dress.

2. Oversized scarfs

You aren’t allowed to bring your blanket to your workplace? Who says you have to? Instead of a blanket, opt for an oversized scarf. Wrap the scarf around yourself for that sophisticated (but in reality cozy) European look. To balance your outfit out, make sure the rest of your look is neutral. You can combine black pants and a black turtleneck neck with a fashionable and more playful scarf. Because Barbiecore is all the rage at the moment, you can opt for a hot pink color and fluffy material. 

3. Cardigans and plaid trousers

Oversized cardigans on top of warm turtlenecks and plaid trousers will give you a professional look while still keeping you warm and comfortable. They are one of the best cozy outfit ideas for the office To avoid looking like a 1960s librarian, opt for modern cuts and trendy accessories. While many people associate cardigans with a “mom” look, cardigans actually made a huge comeback. But to keep things slightly more modern, choose a cardigan in a neutral color like white or beige with fun details like oversized golden buttons, a feminine pattern, or pearl accents.

4. Knitted Co-ord sets

If you want something that literally feels like wearing your PJs to work, then opt for a knitting co-ord set. To avoid this two-piece looking like actual PJs, go for deeper colors such as emerald green or chocolate brown. However, you can also make a neutral-colored knitted set look office-friendly with the right accessories. You can add a few necklaces, heeled ankle boots, or a statement bag. Top the look off with a wool coat, and an oversized scarf. 


Ways To Look Stylish Even In The Dead Of Winter

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