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Festive Outfit Ideas Perfect For Your Holiday Office Party

Office holiday parties have been on a break for the last two years in most companies. So it’s no wonder that this year a lot of us want to go all out with our outfits and makeup. The winter season is such a great time to experiment with different looks, textures, and colors. So why not make the most out of it? If you are still unsure about the outfit that you are going to wear to your next holiday party, then we have some ideas for you. Here are five fool-proof looks that will make you feel like a boss babe. 

Tailored suit with heeled boots

If you want to keep things classy, and simple, but still stylish, then a tailored suit and some heeled boots are the way to go. You can either opt for a bright color, like pink or emerald or keep things more low-key in black or brown. There are also so many ways to accessorize this look. Add a nice oversized belt, or opt for glitter boots. The possibilities are endless, but you will look like a fashion icon in each and one of them. 

Plaid skirt and turtleneck 

Want something more casual, but still cute? Then why not go for a plaid skirt combined with a turtleneck and a pair of black boots? That slight Rory Gilmore vibe will make you look professional (like you attended Yale) but it’s still cute enough for an actual party. Bring some books to sniff on while you’re there, and don’t forget your cup of coffee from Luke’s.

Shimmery jumpsuit

If you want to go all out, then a shimmery jumpsuit is the option for you. You can opt for a black one with long sleeves if you want to keep things more classy, or you can also go all out and pick something more colorful. Shimmering jumpsuits are festive, and comfortable, but still stylish. They pair amazingly with both heels and flats, and it’s easy to combine them with coats as well. If you want to make your look even more glamorous, just throw a faux fur coat on top. However, if you want to make your look more low-key, then a belted coat will be the best option for you. 

Knitted dress with thigh-high boots 

The absolute staple of winter outfits. If you ever aren’t sure about what to wear to a winter party, know that you can’t go wrong with a knitted dress in a neutral color and a pair of thigh—high boots. You can dress this look up with some jewelry and a belt if you want to look a bit fancier. Either way, it’s pretty much impossible to go wrong with this look.

Monochromatic look 

If everything else fails, you can always opt for a monochromatic look. Yup, it’s been done a hundred times before, however that doesn’t mean that these looks are any less stylish. Because you probably still want to look a bit festive, you can choose colors such as emerald green or burgundy. A high-waisted knitted skirt combined with a cardigan in the same color and a cute little top will make you look put together, elegant, and sophisticated, but you will still be comfortable enough to enjoy the time with your coworkers.


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