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Office Friendly Ways To Wear A Slip Dress

It’s that weird time of the year again when it’s too hot for your winter clothes, but also too cold for your spring and summer clothes. That’s why it’s so important to know how to layer. One of my favorite layering pieces and an absolute must-have in my wardrobe is a black satin slip dress. This piece of clothing is so versatile, and something I wear throughout the whole year. From summer cocktail nights to winter holiday parties, it’s a great choice for any occasion. However, this is also a staple for my office outfits. If you are looking for office-friendly ways to wear a slip dress, then keep on reading.

Layer it over a t-shirt

If you want a more casual variation, then layer your slip dress over a simple t-shirt. You can wear it with black heels and a fancy bag, and switch over to white sneakers for your after-work hangout with friends. This look gives slight 90s vibes, so it pairs well with nostalgic makeup and hair looks. I love to combine it with a cat eye, nude lips, and a voluminous blowout. It’s just the perfect balance between chic and casual, and thanks to the t-shirt you also won’t show too much skin.

Blazers and boots

If it’s still cold outside, then pair your black slip dress with a blazer and boots. To add some structure to your look, you can also add a belt to your look. This will further enhance your waistline and give you an hourglass figure. It’s also easy to throw a coat on top of this look to keep you extra warm. If you want to make the look a bit more fun, opt for a blazer in vibrant colors. Because the Barbiecore trend is so huge right now, a hot pink blazer combined with a fun bag in the same color will make you the absolute fashion queen of your office.

Black turtleneck and loafers

If you’re in the mood for an all-black outfit, then combine your look with a black turtleneck and black flats. I prefer to wear my turtleneck on top of my slip dress. You can either tuck it into a smaller belt or use the sports bra hack from TikTok to tuck your shirt in. This is one of my favorite outfits to wear when I want to look classy and put-together, but just don’t have the energy in the morning to come up with something more creative. It’s great for work meetings, and you can also dress it up with jewelry and heels if you want to get some cocktails with your colleagues afterward.

Tie a white button-down

If you want to give off some Parisian vibes, then combine your black slip dress with a white button-down and red lipstick. Tie the bottom of your shirt around your waist in a small knot, and don’t button the shirt up all to the top. This look pairs well with elegant black heels, gold jewelry, and structured bags. You will look professional, sophisticated, and like you just came back from Paris Fashion Week to take over corporate America.


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