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Ways To Look Stylish Even In The Dead Of Winter

The cold winter months are approaching, and most of us just have one goal when it comes to clothing—staying warm. This isn’t the time to think about cute mini skirts or thin button-downs. Instead, most of us opt for our warmest ugly sweaters, thickest coats, most ridiculous looking beanies, and fuzzy gloves. But who says that you can’t look stylish even when the temperatures start to drop? We have collected a list of fashion staples that will keep you warm but also make you look like the fashion icon that you are.

Faux leather pants

Faux leather pants most commonly come with a fleece lining that will keep your legs warm even in the dead of winter. But in addition to being super warm, these pants are also stylish. There are plenty of different styles out there that you can wear on different occasions. In addition to that, faux leather pants also come in a number of different colors. The ones that will most commonly be seen this season are konjac and burgundy shades with wide legs and a high waist. You can combine them with neutral-colored sweaters, or a classic black turtleneck.

Thin puffer jackets

Thin puffer jackets won’t keep you warm on their own, however, they are such an amazing piece for layering once winter arrives. If you don’t want to give up on your coats even when the temperatures start getting supper low, then opt for a thin puffer underneath your coat. It won’t be noticeable at all, but that additional layer will make a huge difference when it comes to how warm you will feel when stepping outside. Layering in general will be your best friend during the colder months. Don’t be afraid to experiment, and add as many layers as you won’t. Just try to not end up looking like Joey when he decided to wear all of Chandler’s clothes.

Faux fur or teddy coats

This is the only time of the year when you can bring out all of your faux fur and teddy coats and live your best diva life! Winter is the best time to experiment with fashion, and there aren’t that many clothing items that will keep you as warm as an obnoxiously thick faux fur coat will! You can wear these coats with just about anything, and they will upgrade even your most basic outfits. If you want to keep yourself extra warm, you can also add that thin puffer we mentioned above underneath your faux fur coat. This combination would keep you comfortably warm even if you decided to visit the North Pole.


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