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Emily In Paris Is Back: All The Outfits We Want To Recreate

Emily In Paris is finally back! And I have to admit — any time I start watching it I want to completely change my wardrobe. While I’m a lover of neutral colors and simple styles, whenever I watch Em having the time of her life in Paris, I want to wear something a little bold. 

Let’s be real, I will never be the girl who goes to the office wearing platform heels and pink puffy skirts. I just enjoy my extra 20 minutes of sleeping way too much. However, that doesn’t mean that I can’t take some inspiration from Emily’s outfits. 

Monochromatic bright outfits 

If there is something that Emily is famous for, besides stealing the boyfriends of her best friends, then it’s wearing monochromatic bright outfits.

In season three, you can see her wearing a bright yellow outfit consisting of an oversized blazer, platform heels, and a yellow skirt. While I know that I won’t ever look good in yellow, there are plenty of other colors to choose from. 

Mixing patterns 

Emily was never afraid of mixing patterns in Emily in Paris, so why should you be? Let’s have a little bit of fun with our outfits. Who says that you can’t wear a polka-dot sweater with plaid pants? Mix and match whatever you like, it’s just fashion at the end of the day. This will be a great way to brighten up your outfits from your regular dark winter looks. 

Metallic details

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Adding metallic details to your look will give you more of a trendy and edgy look. If you aren’t too comfortable wearing metallics, you can start small. Opt for a bag or metallic shoes. However, if you are feeling extra brave, then copy Emily’s look.

In the third season of the popular Netflix show, we can see Emily wearing different metallic pieces. From wearing a metallic gold jacket to the office, to wearing a green metallic skirt to hang out with bestie Mindy.

Romantic dresses

We know that Emily is a hopeless romantic, so it’s no wonder that she also enjoys wearing romantic, floral print dresses. We will see plenty of romantic, soft looks in the most recent season of the show. From a 60s-style beige dress covered in red flowers to a more fairytale-inspired blue and white plaid look. Even though Em isn’t sure about who she has romantic feelings for, she still knows how to look flawless on every date.

Pretty in pink

The Barbiecore trend couldn’t be bigger at the moment, and this show took full advantage of it. We will see Lily Collins in an endless number of pink outfits, and in each one of them, she captures the true essence of who Emily is supposed to be — a fun, adventurous woman who is still figuring life out. And what color expresses those emotions better than a full-on Barbie pink?


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