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The Winter Version Of The Sunburnt Blush Is All Over Social Media

Let BeautyTok show you how a wind-slapped face can look chic. Namely, the makeup trend named “I’m cold” has been dominating TikTok in recent days, and users are trying to get that muted pink shade that lighter-skinned people get around their cheeks and nose after spending some time in the merciless winter weather. It is a variation of the “sunburnt blush” trend that dominated beauty fanatics this summer, and although it sounds weird at first, in reality, it looks pretty and soft. Just like with most makeup trends nowadays, the end goal is to look like you are wearing as little face makeup as possible. Instead, you want to make people believe your stunning flushed skin is the result of harsh winter weather conditions.

All about the blush

Just like with the sunburnt blush trend, the backbone of this look is a good amount of blush. Blush is back and it’s not just for the cheeks anymore. Do you remember watching your mom or grandma apply blush on the temples and over the eyelids? That’s the ‘I’m cold’ makeup trend at its core. 

Since you’ll look like you’ve been walking in a blizzard for a long time, the whole look looks a bit festive and muted. But you can also incorporate other elements to it, that will fit any mood or occasion. 

An ultra-matte base and finish are key because nobody shines in cold winter weather. To get that matte base, you will need a lot of powder. You can also opt for powder blushes in cooler tones (like pink and berry colors). To get a more realistic look, you can even mix different blush colors.

How to get the look?

When applying blush, start from the center of the cheeks and spread it all out with the help of a smaller blush brush outwards and upwards. Then slide the brush back and forth across the face, making sure to cover the sides and tip of the nose as well. It’s also good to apply the same blush over the lids just once to blend the flushed cheeks and nose.

Some TikTok users have revealed that they like to sweep blush over their cupid’s bow, set everything with powder, and finish it all off with dark lipstick. However, that will be up to your own personal preference. 

Methods can vary, but all you need to do is apply a cooler-toned blush over your cheeks, nose, lids, and cupid’s bow – the more the merrier. Set with matte powder and add your favorite finishing touches for the ultimate winter look.

You can experiment and add whatever you like. From eyeliner, and bolder lip colors, to glitter and face gems. This look, just like any other TikTok beauty trend like the sunburnt blush, is open to your own interpretation of it. Have fun, and remember to stay warm. Even though you may look like you came back from a blizzard. 


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