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TikTok Is Crazy About This Sunburnt Blush Trend

If you used social media at all in the last couple of months, you couldn’t help but notice that the trendiest makeup looks are all about blush right now. But not just a little bit of blush! The goal is to look like you forgot your sunscreen during a day at the beach. The blush is applied in a “W” shape, from one cheek to the nose, and then to the other cheek. The color of the blush should match the pink shade your skin would have if it was literally sunburnt.

Can I pull off this look?

I know that most of us are obsessed with sunscreen by now. So getting burned in the sun probably isn’t something that happens to you. However, as strange as this Gen Z TikTok makeup trend may seem to you, we would definitely suggest you try it out. Combined with natural-looking skin, soft eyebrows, and whispery lashes, this look will enhance your natural beauty while making you look sun-kissed and plumped.

What do I need?

Basically, all you need for this look is a BB cream or tinted moisturizer, something to enhance your eyebrows with, mascara, maybe some lipgloss. And last but not least, the star of the show, your favorite blush. While most of us grew up using traditional powder blush, if you really want to be on top of this trend, we would suggest you try liquid or cream blush. This will give you more of that natural finish to your skin. And it won’t look like you have so much product on your face.

How to get the look?

Now that you have all of your products ready, it’s time to actually put the makeup on. You can apply the rest of the makeup as you usually would, but we would suggest keeping things as minimal as possible. Remember, this look is all about looking like you are not even wearing makeup. Instead, you just fell asleep reading a book on the beach. When you are applying your blush, as we already explained, put it on in a “W” shape. So instead of just putting blush on the apples of your cheeks, you will apply it along the whole length of your cheeks, plus on the nose as well. If you are using a liquid or cream blush, apply small dots of the product to this area. Blend everything out with your beauty sponge.

Pro tip: Add faux freckles

If you want the look to come together even more, try adding a few faux freckles on top. This will give you even more of a summer look, and your skin will look natural, youthful, and fresh. If you are new to the whole faux freckles trend, there are hundreds of ways to achieve them. The easiest one would be with a brown brow pencil or eyeliner. Just gently press on the spot where you want the freckle to be, and then tap it in with your finger so it blends in better with your skin.


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