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Glitter Eyeliners Are Waiting For You To Shine In Every Event .f

Festive Makeup Looks To Take You Through The Holiday Season 

Red lips, shimmer and glitter: Christmas is the perfect opportunity not only to dress up in festive outfits, but also to let off steam when it comes to make-up. Whether glamorous evening make-up for the Christmas dinner, sparkling eye make-up for holiday parties, or a natural but festive look with red lipstick for a cozy get-together with the family – anything is possible during the Holiday season! 

If you still haven’t decided what makeup look to go for during the holidays, then we might be able to help! We have prepared three easy and wearable makeup looks that should fit most festive occasions.

The classic red lip

Nothing screams Christmas makeup like red lipstick! But as we all know, Christmas is not just a time to eat a lot, we also like to toast the holidays with a glass of sparkling wine and there will definitely be a kiss or two involved as well. So make sure you opt for a smudge proof lipstick formula. Matte, liquid lipsticks are long lasting, but they can also have a drying effect. 


You can also mattify creamy lipsticks and make them more long-lasting by first placing a dry cosmetic tissue between your lips and pressing them together. The lip make-up stays on even better if you apply some powder to the lips using the cosmetic tissue. Your festive red lips will withstand any hearty Christmas meal!

Less is more 

If there isn’t much on the agenda for the Christmas holidays, apart from getting together, watching Christmas movies, eating sweets or baking cookies, then natural make-up is always a good choice. Instead of applying a foundation, a light BB cream or a tinted day cream might be enough to even out small imperfections and conjure up a natural glow. A little blush on the cheeks also ensures freshness.

To enhance your eyes, apply a shimmering champagne shade to the entire movable lid and define your crease with a light brown matte eyeshadow. Choose a nude lipstick or go even more natural and give your lips just a hint of color with a tinted lip balm.

Glitter and glamor 

What is Christmas without some glitter? But glitter eyeshadow can be tricky, especially for beginners. A special glitter glue is recommended to ensure that the glitter adheres better to your movable lid and does not end up on your face. The fixing gel simplifies application and makes glitter eye make-up long-lasting.

Glitter Eyeliners Are Waiting For You To Shine In Every Event
Photo by @rubyhmua/Instagram

But don’t forget about locking in the rest of your makeup as well. After all, dancing makes you sweat, and the Christmas party make-up shouldn’t melt away at the beginning of the night. So that foundation, concealer and everything else stay in place, don’t forget to apply setting spray. This ensures that your make-up lasts and looks fresh all evening!

You tend to shine quickly? Then don’t leave your favorite setting powder at home, but put it in your handbag right away. You can touch up whenever you need to. But make sure that the powder is flash-photography proof.


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