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How To Reduce Waste From Your Beauty Routine

The beauty industry is one of the leading producers of waste. And if you are a beauty junkie and product addict like I am, you probably feel guilty and wonder how to reduce waste in your beauty routine. Let me start this by saying that you don’t have to make any drastic changes. Reducing waste is actually pretty simple, and it won’t only save the planet, but it could also save you some money, as well. I made a list of three easy yet effective ways to minimize your cosmetic carbon footprint while still taking care of yourself. 

Purchase only items you know you will use

This may seem like a no-brainer until you consider all the free samples and impulse purchases you’ve made for beauty that have gathered into a stack of goods that have either never been used or hardly ever used. We buy products just because they are trending on social media without really considering if they are a good choice for our skin type or individual needs.

I know that buying only products that you know you are going to use seems a bit boring. However, you will save so much money in addition to lowering the waste you produce. The way to do this is to wait until you are almost out of a product before replacing it. That way you know for sure that you are going to finish-up all of the beauty products you buy. You will also have enough time to do your research before buying the replacement product. 

Stop using single-use disposables 

It’s 2022. There is basically no reason to still use things like disposable cotton rounds, makeup wipes, or one-time-use sheet masks. These things create so much waste, especially when used every day. There are so many amazing reusable cotton rounds available to choose from. You can throw most of them in the washing machine, and they work amazing with micellar water at removing your makeup. When it comes to toners, rather than using a disposable cotton round, put a little bit of product in the palms of your hands and spread it over your face. This will also decrease the amount of product that you need to use. Sheet masks are a great way to treat yourself and have a little self-care moment. However, they are still incredibly wasteful. Rather, go for a classic face mask or a reusable silicone sheet mask.

Buy refillable products

There are so many refillable products available to choose from. This will not only minimize packaging waste, but it is so much more cost-effective. You can buy refillable cleansers, fragrances, serums, moisturizers, shampoos, conditioners, and so much more. Refills are, in most cases, significantly cheaper than the initial whole bottle, so you aren’t only saving the planet, but your wallet as well. Even if the brand you are using doesn’t have refillable options available, you can buy the largest size available, and refill your own smaller glass or recycled-plastic pumps or containers. This will still significantly reduce waste.


Conscious Consumerism in the Beauty Industry – Simple Ways Towards an Eco-Friendly Routine

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