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Conscious Consumerism in the Beauty Industry – Simple Ways Towards an Eco-Friendly Routine

The earth gives us a lot. From food and water for survival to wood and oil as fuel, from herbs for medicine to cotton for apparel. It gives us gold for jewellery, to iron for metal, flowers as decor to trees as shade. We call it ‘mother earth’ for a reason because it is always giving and caring for us.  

We owe it big time. 

But, what are we doing instead? Ruining our only home.

The amount of non-recyclable waste that we produce is 100x more than the earth can handle. While we cannot control most of the waste that goes into landfills, we can at least limit the waste that we individually make. There are many ways to go about it, one of which is being a conscious consumer. 

How Can I Be a Conscious Consumer?

Glad you asked.

Conscious consumerism is all about thinking of sustenance before you buy something new. For example, if you are going out, you should prefer carrying a water bottle to prevent buying one. In case you need to buy disposables, think of ways you could reuse them to make them purposeful and productive.

Conscious Consumerism in Context to Beauty

It is no surprise that the cosmetics and skincare industry is a billion-dollar business. Hence, an even larger production of waste. What can we do to limit it?

Follow the three R’s – Reduce, Reuse, Recycle

Read the tips below to know how you can play your part in preserving the environment and becoming more conscious and eco-friendly.

Do Not Hoard – Buy Only What You Need

The core step toward reducing waste is to reduce our consumption of products. This may seem obvious, but is it really implemented?

We are living in an era where multiple products go viral and trend every month. This creates a sense of urgency in acquiring the new ‘famous’ product whether you need it or not. And 9/10 times, you don’t. Moreover, the viral product might be used a couple of weeks before it is found at the back of your vanity.

Overcoming the habit of purchasing out of curiosity is crucial to reducing waste. When you buy and use only what you need, not only do you use your products to the fullest, but you also look forward to shopping when something finishes. This practice adds more value to life over time. 

Opt for Clean, Vegan, Cruelty-free Brands

As more brands are shifting towards ethical and environment-friendly dealings, we have more options to help in our purpose. 

Choose to buy from brands that produce clean, vegan, and cruelty-free products. This results in two things: loss of business for brands that do not practice the same, and newer brands forming on the conscious consumer’s mindset. 

Use Products With Refillable Packaging

Many products now come with refillable packaging, especially skincare products. This helps reduce waste, reuse packaging, and also save some bucks. 

Some well-known brands that offer refillable products are:

  • The Body Shop
  • Glow Recipe
  • Hourglass
  • OUAI
  • Fluff Cosmetics
  • Lush


If we do not care for our environment, the ultimate suffering would also be ours to bear. On the contrary, if everyone plays their part in being conscious consumers, the efforts will compound and result in a much better eco-system.


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