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Why Skin Minimalism is Taking Over the Post-Pandemic World

The Pandemic really taught us some valuable lessons, didn’t it? In a fast-paced world, it forced us to take a breather and reflect upon ourselves. It made us aware of our actions and their consequences. It gave us the luxury of time to reevaluate our choices and filter our consumption. 

As a result, we became wiser, smarter, and more self-aware of ourselves and the environment. And as they say, when your mindset shifts, everything becomes clear.  

Skin minimalism is a product of that mindset shift. Let me elaborate. 

The Realization to Downsize

Women especially had a closer look at their vanity. And most of them, including me, found a plethora of products, most of them untouched. It made us realize how we have become targets of brands and their marketing tactics. Or how influencers sold us stuff they could make money out of. 

More than that, it made us conscious of the hard-earned money we waste in the name of beauty. As much as downsizing was the need of the moment to spend wisely, it also seemed a healthy decision for the long run. Thereof, the journey of skin minimalism began.

Makeup Skincare Hybrid FTW

The more we spent our time at home, the less makeup we wore. Even when we did, it was relatively lesser than the full face of regular makeup. 

When the pandemic started to settle, the trends in the beauty world were completely different. A rise in natural, no-makeup makeup was noticed. Women did not wear makeup to conceal anymore, it was rather to enhance. As the skin became the primary focus, products that were good for the skin were preferred more than its counterpart. A makeup-skincare hybrid became the benchmark for beauty products. 

A Fresh Perspective on Aging

Covid-19 brought stress to a lot of people’s lives. The more coronavirus diagnosis and deaths were encountered, the humbler we got. People realized how brittle this life is – it is a privilege to be able to see another day. Hence, the desire to look young wasn’t so prominent anymore. Ageing was finally seen as what it really is – a blessing. 

Therefore, the anti-ageing movement may have taken a back seat, furthermore feeding the rise in skin minimalism. 

Healthy, Not Perfect

Before, ‘skin goals’ looked like spotless skin, pimple-free, wrinkle-free, and glowing skin.

Now, ‘skin goals’ look like sun-protected, healthy skin barrier, spotless, and glowing (yes, these two are constant).

Women no longer harness unrealistic skin expectations. We have learnt that skin will be skin – it will break out, have texture, and form wrinkles. All we need to do is keep it cleansed (not more than twice a day), hydrated, and protected. Hence, new and trending products that promise X results do not lure people who have taken a step towards skin minimalism. 

Takeaway: Post Pandemic Skin Minimalism is Here to Stay

Trends keep changing, but a lifestyle rarely does. Skin Minimalism is a lifestyle, and those who have gotten into it are certainly not looking to divert.


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