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The Most Exciting Beauty Trends that Came from Tik Tok (Part 1)

The Gen-Z app that was frowned upon a few years ago is now one of the most used social media platforms of the time.

It might come as no surprise to some that the now-famous app was formerly known as music-ally, where fun dances on music were the rage. A few years later, in 2018, musically was merged with Tik Tok, where it offered more than just music. As they say, the rest is history.

Perhaps the most attractive feature about Tik Tok is is that it can pass on entertainment and infotainment – all under 1 minute (in most cases). Safe to say, users of this platform have given us some awesome life hacks, tricks, and advice that come in handy.

It is also apparent that the beauty industry thrives on Tik Tok, what with its viral trends and products. It takes one person to start the motion, and the ripples keep spreading. Here are some fun and useful beauty trends that we thoroughly enjoyed seeing on Tik Tok (in no particular order).

Tik Tok Face & Makeup Trends

  • Foxy Eyes

Foxy eyes, also known as cat eyes, rose in trend after the famous Bella Hadid was seen donning this look. It was a one of its kind look, hence, making it iconic.

This eye makeup creates an optical illusion of an elongated eye. Many YouTube and Tik Tok makeup artists re-created this eye look as seen on Hadid and also different versions of it for different eye shapes.

  • Graphic Liner

The most eye-catching look of all times (see what I did there?)

Although much more colorful now, the basic graphic liner look isn’t new in the beauty industry. It dates back to the 90s when it was worn by celebrities only unlike today. Graphic liners have become more colorful and artistic now after Ariana Grande wore them in one of her music videos. We aren’t complaining though!

  • Eyebrow Pencil as Lip Liner

This is a relatively newer Tik Tok trend that has been seen popping up on every social media platform. It features a narrator (the voice from the original video) sharing the hack to get the perfect lip color.

She guides to use eye-brow pencil as lip liner, and the blush the person’s wearing (preferably cream) to fill in the lips. Top it all off with a gloss and here, you have your perfect lip combo. Many users tried it and were shocked by the results.

  • Powder Before Foundation

Oily-skinned girls, this trend is for you!

This hack will make your foundation look flawless and last longer while keeping your skin matte and less oily throughout the day. This trend suggests doing your base makeup in the following steps:

1.      Apply moisturizer

2.      Set your face with a thin layer of translucent powder

3.      Apply primer and foundation, and complete your makeup as per routine

  • Natural Facelift

Facelift without surgery or fillers? Yes, this trend on Tik Tok taught us how to apply makeup in a way that enhances our facial features and gives a naturally lifted look.

Read more in this article where we have covered the steps in detail.

Enjoying the trends so far? Click here to read more in Part 2!

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