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Why is it Important to Use Up-cycled Beauty Products?

If there is one thing we can all agree on, it is that we can never have enough beauty products in our vanities. There is always that new palette, lipstick, or new serum that is a ‘must have’ because our favorite beauty influencer recommended it and now we want it, too.

There is no harm in splurging on beauty products that make you happy, but if the cost is the very environment we live in, it’s time that we reconsider our choices.

This does not mean that you have to miss out on your beloved makeup, skincare and body care products. What it does mean is that a few conscious redirections need to be made, and upcycled beauty products are one of them.

What are upcycled beauty products?

Upcycled beauty products are products made up of ingredients that would be discarded as food waste. It includes the use of plant-based and organic extracts. A few famous examples are the usage of coffee grounds and fruit peels in products such as lip and body scrubs.

How do upcycled beauty products help the environment?

It is no secret that the beauty industry is the fastest growing industry in the world. This also means that many of the world’s resources are being exhausted by this industry. It is common knowledge that most of the ingredients used in manufacturing beauty products are derivatives of natural matter. So, instead of getting those derivatives from environment harming sources why not get them from waste by-products. It is a win-win situation!

Upcycled beauty products help the environment in not one but many ways. Imagine the amount of organic waste you conserve by utilizing the majority of it which would otherwise have gone to waste. When organic matter is utilized in beauty products it also decreases the amount of waste produced by the beauty industry otherwise.

Furthermore, these so-called waste products have been a part of the beauty regime of our ancestors for ages. Its utilization by the beauty industry is beneficial for both the planet as well as us. When you think of it, upcycling is something that all of us are accustomed to. DIY-ing things have been going on for years and years. Remember the time when we utilized those plastic bottles to make small birdhouses or pots for plants? Just think of upcycling as that but on a bigger scale.

Upcycling will give the earth the time it needs to recover from the damage which has been inflicted upon it for ages. The concept of zero-waste beauty products is a great sustainability tool, especially after covid when the world has realized the importance of a minimalist lifestyle.

Upcycling of beauty products – be it minimalistic packaging, the ingredients used in it, the sources of those ingredients, or the waste produced while developing those waste products – is something which can help us live a more content life as well as help the earth breathe. 

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