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The Clean Nail Look 

Hands are something, which according to many people, is the first thing that they notice on someone. Therefore, keeping them clean and pristine is always going to work in your favor.

There is something about natural, well-maintained nails that immediately catches one’s eye. The minimal, clean-nail look is something anyone and everyone can rock. It immediately gives an air of sophistication and an aura of importance, in our opinion.

The minimal, clean nail look has been out there forever and is now doing rounds again as trends change.

If the long, colorful nail look is something that suits you and your personality, go for it. However, for formal and business environments the clean nail look is ideal.

What is the Minimal, Clean Nail Look?

This refers to short or medium length nails, usually oval or square in shape (definitely not pointy), with cuticles cleaned and a light or a neutral color of nail polish applied.

Here is how you can achieve that minimalistic, clean-nailed look that seems to be the rave nowadays.

Size & Shape of Nails

Try to keep your nails on the shorter side. Long nails tend to look dirty and unpleasant when dirt and bacteria are collected underneath them. Shorter nails look smarter. They are also easier to keep clean and maintained. Furthermore, they are not as prone to breakage as longer nails are, therefore, your fingers will always look symmetrical.

Keep the shape of your nails tamed, whether it is a rounded shape or a square one. Sharp pointed nails look abnormal and fake, so refrain from it.

Clean Cuticles

The cuticles should not be overcrowding the nails. Neatly trim any loose skin around the nail or nail bed. The nail bed should be devoid of any dirt or bacteria.

Choose a Neutral Nail Color

Now comes the fun part. 

Since this look is all about minimalism, it instantly makes us think of neutral or pastel colors. A classic French manicure is an excellent example of a clean nail look. Go for evergreen nail colors such as nude browns, greys or whites. These look great on every complexion.

How to Professionally Paint Your Nails At-Home

While painting your nails, make sure to follow the tips below for better results:

  • Use a base coat so that nail polish application is even. 
  • While applying the nail color, make sure there are no missed spots. To avoid brush strokes use a good quality nail polish with a wider brush.
  • Adding nail polish thinner to thicker nail polishes makes them more fluid, hence easier to apply. 
  • Once the first coat is completely dry, add another layer of nail polish to make it opaque. Go for a third coat if needed. 
  • Once done with the application, seal it all with a topcoat. You can opt for a glossy or matte topcoat according to your preference.
  • In the end, take a brush dipped in acetone and remove any splotches that might have happened. 

General Tips

  • Chipped nail polish looks untidy and doesn’t give off a pristine look. To avoid chipped nails, always reapply nail polish wherever you see chipping, or remove the color altogether and apply a fresh coat of nail polish. 
  • Furthermore, make sure your hands are well moisturized. Dry and cracked hands take away the appeal of your personality.


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