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The Most Important Elements to Consider When Getting a Fresh, New Manicure

Manicures are a one-way ticket to get your mood and confidence booster for the week. As they say, “There’s nothing a fresh manicure can’t fix.”

Some people are particular about their manicures; they know exactly what they want and how they like their nails to look. Others, not so much. Especially beginners who are just starting out with this self-pampering practice could use some guidance before diving into the ritual.

Here are some important elements you should consider when getting a fresh, new Manicure.

1. Hygiene First 

A salon offers multiple services to numerous visitors each day. These places can quickly become a whirlpool of germs and cross-contamination if not taken appropriate care of. Therefore, make sure you go to a tried and tested salon that you are confident about.

On the other hand, if you haven’t had good experiences before, fetch some recommendations from friends and family to know where they usually get their manicures done. Or check reviews online for your desired salon. This will allow you to have a few options for salons that have been trusted by other people.

However, no matter how good the reviews may be – always have a sharp eye and look around for cleanliness and hygiene measures that the salon partakes. Sterilized or disposable tools, clean floors, and seats, washed preferably gloved hands, and masked faces (during Covid) are the standards you need to be assured of before beginning the manicure or any service per see.

2. Fancy or Minimal?

Do you have an idea what nail color, shape, and design you will opt for? 

If yes, way to go! If not, we recommend having some reference pictures on you to get precisely what you like. 

A fresh manicure can feel as good as a fresh attire – so know what you’re aiming to represent with it. Fancy looking and long nails can portray festive glam and holiday vibes – something you would want to opt for if you’re planning to party, travel, or celebration. Here are some fancy nails inspiration for the glam divas.

If it is just a regular manicure to achieve clean and pristine nails, we recommend a simple nail shape like round, almond, or square to look more put together. Paired with French tips or a plain nude or light nail color will instantly elevate your style into classy and elegant. 

3. Do not be Afraid to Experiment. 

At the end of the day, it is just a manicure, so do not be afraid to experiment or go out of your comfort zone. After all, the nails can be easily cleaned or renewed. 

Choose the color you always admired on your colleague or the nail art your friend dons effortlessly. Explore and experience.

4. Aftercare

Before leaving, make sure you ask your manicurist about the aftercare of your nails. Although it is basic, some styles or nail paint finishes require special do’s and don’ts. Better be cautious than sorry.

Enjoy your manicure, and don’t forget to relax while you’re at it!


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