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What is Glass Skin and How Can You Achieve It?

In today’s lingo, glass skin is what we call the most “ideal” state of the skin. There can be many factors that can contribute to deteriorating your skin condition, like pollution, allergies, aging, body metabolism, etc. Hence, many precautions are required to combat such factors in order to have flawless “glass-like” skin. The journey can be long but with dedication, achieving glass skin can be a dream come true. 

In this blog, we’re going to dig deeper into the concept of glass skin, and what are the measures needed to be taken in order to achieve it. 

What is Glass Skin?

There are a lot of ways to describe glass skin. Bouncy, see-through, and luminous skin are some fair synonyms. In literal terms, glass skin is skin that reflects light due to its smooth and shiny appearance. It is free from all skin troubles.

There are a lot of things that can feel pesty on one’s skin. However, Glass Skin is the state where your skin is at its best. The most vibrant, shiny, poreless skin without any texture and a perfectly even skin tone. But is all of this achievable? Can we have flawless skin without going through cosmetic surgeries and needles? Well, this is why we love the concept of glass skin. 

However, reaching this premium state of the skin will take more than just a perfect skincare routine. There are many lifestyle changes that need to be made for this outcome.

Where did the Glass Skin Trend Come From?

The desire for glass skin emerged in Korea. Yoon, a Korean beauty expert in the United States explained why one should look forward to having “glass skin” and how we too can conquer it.

Steps to Achieve Glass Skin

Some consistent lifestyle and skincare changes are all it requires to achieve hydrated, luminous skin aka “glass skin”.

Healthy Fats Intake 

Many people cut down on fats in order to maintain a diet. However, blocking healthy fats may not be a good idea for the body. High-density lipids (HDL) are very useful for the body in numerous ways. These fats keep your underskin lubricated, which prevents pores on your skin.

Items like nuts, avocados, fish, and rice are rich in healthy fats and should be included in your diet. 

More fruits and veggies 

Consumption of fruits and vegetables can compensate for the water loss due to sweating or other metabolic activities. Green leafy vegetables are rich in antioxidants to reduce the toxic oxidative count. They also cleanse your blood and make your skin immune to too many harmful toxins. 

Sleeping & Exercise

You may be eating all the right things and it will still not help your skin if you don’t have a routine for your sleep. The skin produces collagen when you’re asleep which maintains the stretchiness of the skin. Furthermore, many harmful toxins that sit on your skin can be fought back at the time you are sleeping. For your “glass skin” ideology to work out, you need to be mindful of your sleep.

Another important step towards glass skin is ‘exercise’. The more you sweat, the more you glow. It’s as simple as that.

Hydrating Skincare

After you make the healthy changes in your lifestyle, the next step to take into consideration is your skincare routine.

Glass Skin is all about hydrated, texture-free, and spot-free skin. Hence, you’d require to choose skincare products and ingredients that target the same. For starters, incorporate a gentle cleanser to avoid stripping of oils, a chemical exfoliator to treat texture, Vitamin-C or Alpha-Arbutin to treat pigmentation, and a Hyaluronic Acid serum to deeply hydrate the skin.

These are just the basics, you can always advance your skincare once the basics seem well-incorporated.


Glass skin is a concept of achieving the best form of your skin which is free from every external issue. To achieve glass skin, people follow a very strict routine of calculated diet and sleep. However, if you wish to have your most perfect skin, you need to take care of your water intake and include the consumption of fruits and vegetables in your diet. Your sleep is really very important in this journey. You should take care of your sleep as well. 


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