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Perfume Hacks that will Make You Smell Great All Day Long!

There is nothing more annoying than your perfume wearing off merely a couple of hours after its application. If there is one thing that makes us miserable is when perfumes refuse to stay put despite the amount you apply. Perfumes are expensive, and those that have zero longevity are just disappointing.

Unfortunately, many times it’s not the perfume’s fault if it wears off so early. It may be because of our incorrect application. Here are some foolproof tips for perfume applications that are going to make you smell like a diva all day long.

Apply Perfume to Pulse Points

The scent is released in response to heat. Applying perfume on your pulse points such as the wrist, elbows, neck, and behind the knees allows the scent to be slowly released over the passage of time allowing you to smell lovely all day.

Do NOT Rub It In

Rubbing our wrists together after applying perfume is something we are all guilty of doing. Unluckily, that’s is a recipe for disaster for perfume longevity. Rubbing the fragrance is one way you ensure that your perfume DOES NOT last all day long. Rubbing the fragrance causes its bonds to break faster than usual which results in it wearing off early.

Layer It Up

Another foolproof way of making sure that you smell fresh all day long is using different products of the same scent family. Use a body wash, body lotion, and perfume of the same or similar scent to layer the fragrance. This step will truly make you smell fresh for longer.

Perfume After Shower

Applying any scent after a shower enables it to last much longer. This may be because of a simple scientific phenomenon. After a shower, your body temperature is higher than the surrounding environment, and temperature helps a fragrance to stay. Another reason is that after a shower your skin is clean from all that grime and dirt and hot water opens up your pores. The clean skin, devoid of any buffering agents such as sweat and dirt holds up the fragrance much better.

Moisturization Is Always Key

Dry, dehydrated skin is a failure at holding perfume. A hydrated and moisturized skin holds up fragrance beautifully. Check the difference yourself by spraying on a dry wrist and then on a moisturized wrist. The moisturized wrist will be smelling lovely for a longer time as compared to the other wrist. That, and no one likes crusty dry hands!

Fragrance Your Clothes

Fabric is known to hold the scent longer than skin. Add a piece of tissue or cotton spritzed with your favorite perfume in your wardrobe. This will make your clothes smell great whenever you wear them. Another tip is to give your clothes a light spritz before wearing them. Gives your clothes such an amazing scent without being too overpowering!


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