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The Best Hues for Spring and Summer Makeup Looks

Ditch the neutral tones of winter and transition into the lively spring and exciting summer with these gorgeous hues. 


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Nothing screams bright and cheerful more than the color orange!

This hue can be successfully incorporated into your makeup in many ways. Rock the popular monotonous look by wearing an orange eye shadow, blush, and lipstick. Or for a toned-down but equally bright appearance, apply a tint of this color only on your eyes or lips.


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It is rightfully called the “happy” color, because all things that bring happiness are colored yellow – sunshine, sunflowers, cheese – what’s not to love?

A little pop of yellow on your face can do wonders. It instantly lifts and brightens the face and makes you appear bold and confident. The best way to add yellow to your makeup is by using it on the eyes – on the inner corner, as a smudged liner, or all over the lids. Pair the color with a black or brown eye liner and faux freckles, and you’d look nothing short of a Goddess.


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It is sultry, sexy, yet wearable – coral is the ultimate hue to add into your makeup if you want to play it safe.

Like orange, this is another color that could be applied all over the face for a monotonous look. It is perfect for women who aren’t very experimental with makeup, but still want to add some bright color.


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It will make you look feminine, bright, and cute – pink should be a staple in your makeup routines, regardless of the season!

What can’t be done with a pink hue? Eye shadow? Check. Graphic eye liner? Check. Blush? Check. Lip color? Hair highlights? Clothes? Jewellery? Check, check, check, & CHECK. The possibilities are endless!


Photo from Instagram @woszczykmarzena.wizaz

Purple is soft, chic, and mysterious. It is a hue that looks best when applied only a little to keep that edge alive.

To add depth to your eyes, purple is best applied under the waterline or above the lash line. It adds an instant pop to the look and livens the whole look. On the lips, a purple gloss or sheer lipstick looks unique yet beautiful!


Photo from Instagram @sejqueen

Plum represents spring with its fresh yet muted tones. It is a color we seek for on a bright ad beautiful day.

The sweet spot between pink and purple – plum is the hue to go for when you want the boldness of purple and then feminity of pink. Go for a monotonous look with this color, and we promise that all eyes would be on you!


Photo from Instagram @_mariaa.elenaa_

One can never go wrong with red. Period.

Apply a bold red lip during the day, and add some glitter or rhinestones over the eyes to transition into night glam!


Photo from Instagram @monicamariamakeup

One word: Regal.

Green is a royal color that looks breathtaking on the eyes. And do not bother with any other lip colors, because brown and green are a match made in heaven!

So, If you want to look sexy, sultry, and bold – green smoky eye with a nude brown lip it is.


Photo from Instagram @counteractbooze

Just like green and brown, blue and peach is another favourite combo. But this time, the theme is everything beachy and tropical.

Alhough any blue would do the job, aqua blue in particular looks playful and stunning. Wear this fun pastel color all over the eye lids, or add a pop of it in the inner corners – either ways, it is sure to grab attention of wandering eyes.

I am trying all the hues from the list above – what about you?


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