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How To Pick A Signature Fragrance That Everyone Is Going To Remember You By

Surely you have a person in your life, a mother, grandmother, or friend, who has a favorite perfume that everyone associates with them. You smell it somewhere, and your mind immediately goes to that one special person. Humans have a strong smell memory, and there is a reason why perfumes are so nostalgic. However, many people aren’t sure how to pick that one special fragrance that everyone is going to remember them by.

To be honest, I was never the type of person who could have just one perfume. I just love wearing certain scents and scent notes on specific occasions and in specific seasons. However, there are a few fragrances that I wear more frequently and that people associate me with. But there are a few things that you have to remember before picking your signature scent or signature scents.

You have to know what you like

When trying perfumes, if you find yourself asking too many times whether you like a scent or not, you probably don’t like it. When you really like the smell or taste of something, you usually know it right away. Sure, it is possible that a fragrance grows on you. However, it’s pretty unlikely that you will go from hate to love in only a couple of months. For a signature scent, you want to choose a perfume that you are obsessed with right away. Pick a few of your favorite perfumes and see which notes they have in common. That way, you will know what type of scent you prefer.

Don’t buy a perfume as soon as you try it

Never, and I repeat never, buy a perfume immediately after testing it out. It takes a few hours for a fragrance to truly develop on our skin, and you have no way of knowing if the scent actually lasts or projects. You can also ask for samples. Try the perfume out at least a couple of times before you decide to spend your hard-earned money on it.

Have fun with it

You don’t have to play it safe when picking out a signature scent. The perfume has to represent you, and it’s all about being authentic. If you choose a popular fragrance that every other woman is wearing, how can the scent be something that people remember you by? Don’t focus on what notes are popular, and what perfumes are trending. The scent should be something that suits you and works with your body chemistry.

Spray yourself throughout the day

If you have a long day ahead of you, take a bottle of your favorite perfume with you and freshen up if necessary so that the scent you are recognized by can be felt throughout the day. You can also buy a travel-sized bottle to keep in your purse.

Prevent the smell from getting boring

When you finally find a perfume that you consider your signature scent, make sure you don’t get bored of it. To prevent this from happening, do not put it on every day. One or two times a week, switch it up and use something different. In this way, you will not get bored of it, and the smell will knock you off your feet every time you apply it.


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