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How to Apply Foundation so that it Looks Like Skin and Not Like Cake

We all love cake in all its form and glory. But, when it comes to cakey makeup, no one has anything nice to say about it. There is nothing better than a clean, skin-like finish. We can agree that good base makeup can make or break your look. No matter how wonderfully done your eye shadow is or how vibrant that ombre lip is, cakey makeup brings a breathtaking look down to zero.

Here are a few foolproof ways that ensure an amazing finish to your foundation and give you the confidence of a diva!

What’s underneath matters

No matter how expensive or high-end your foundation is, if it’s your skin that is problematic, the foundation won’t end up looking the way you want it to. A good skincare routine is key, make sure you are consistent with it and the results will truly surprise you. Skin is skin and it comes with its own imperfections (which are completely normal and make you more human and more beautiful). But a good skincare regime will help prevent those dreaded dry patches or oil flare-ups which ruin your makeup.

it is also important to remember that no matter how many steps or how detailed your regime is, having a healthy lifestyle is the key to healthy skin. A skincare regime won’t do anything if your diet only consists of processed foods and no fruits or veggies.

Prep, prep, and prep

As it is quite famously said, an artist is only as good as the canvas provided. Hydration and priming are crucial for a flawless finish. Make sure that the products you chose are specifically made for your skin type. Using products made for oily skin on dry skin types is going to yield no results, no matter how good your foundation claims to be.

Don’t rush

Don’t expect your base makeup to be done within seconds, that’s a recipe for disaster. Take your time blending in your foundation and concealer. The more your blend the more seamless and skin-like it looks. 

The tools you use do matter, hence an expensive foundation and cheap tools don’t give the desired effects. However, with the right techniques, any foundation is going to look just as perfect.

Set It!

Setting your makeup with the right amount of powder is another useful tip. Too much powder can unfortunately settle into creases and lead to the very thing you don’t want.  The right amount of powder is going to set your foundation and concealer and also make it last all day long.

Lastly, use a good makeup setting spray. Users have sworn that using a makeup setting spray melts their makeup beautifully into the skin as compared to when you don’t use one.

Final words

Makeup is an art, and the more you practice it, the better it gets. Base makeup can be tricky but when done right, it gives one amazing diva feels!


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