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TikTok’s Foundation-In-Water Hack Is The Weirdest Beauty Trend You’ll See Today

The beauty side of TikTok is probably my favorite way to kill time. And I have seen some pretty wild things on there. From feather brows to using red lipstick under the eyes. However, the one hack that I definitely did not see coming is TikTok’s newest foundation-in-water hack.

We already know that modern makeup looks are all about looking as natural as possible. Your skin should look like actual skin, glowing, radiant, and fresh. However, it can be pretty difficult to achieve that look with a traditional foundation. That’s where the foundation-in-water hack comes into place. So let’s see what it is all about.

Foundation in water 

The hashtag #foundationinwater has over 40 million views on TikTok at the time this article was written. So it’s needless to say that this trend completely took over TikTok’s beauty community. Users who tried the foundation-in-water hack claim that it makes their foundation transfer-proof gives the skin a more natural finish and that the additional water helps the product blend in better.

But how much truth is there to that? If you really dive in deep, you will also find videos of users who weren’t as impressed with the trend. The whole idea is that the water should collect the excess oil in the foundation. Because oil and water don’t mix, the foundation will be easy to take out of the water after a few seconds. But that won’t be the case with water-based foundations.

I had a hard time finding out who the creator of this hack is, as there are so many people who recreated it. But I can tell you that it all blew up out of proportion once influencer Huda Beauty decided to try this hack out for herself. The process is easy, you just pump a small amount of your foundation into a glass of water, swirl it around for a bit with a spoon or the handle of your makeup brush, and then apply it to your face.

Does it actually work?

This is a bit hard to answer. As I have already explained, a lot of users were amazed by how this hack turned out. However, there were also a lot of people who advised against even trying out the trend. They claimed that it was a waste of time and foundation and that it wasn’t working, at least with the foundation they are using.

Truthfully, the results you are going to get depend on the type of foundation that you have used. If you want to make your foundation lighter, fresher, and dewier, then it could work with an oil or silicone-based foundation. The water will immediately separate the excess oil from the foundation, and you will be left with a lighter version of it at the bottom of your glass. 

Most foundations nowadays, both high-end and drugstore are water and silicone based, which explains why this hack did work for so many users. Out of curiosity, I also tried this trend out myself. While the initial results were fine, I have to admit that the wear time of my foundation was much shorter and that it started to separate from my face in only a couple of hours.


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