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Does Classic Beauty Still Have A Place In Today’s Society?

It is often said that beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder, which is true in utmost scenarios, however, certain beauties amongst us are timeless or classic to everyone who looks at them. For example, beauties like Grace Kelly, Audrey Hepburn, or Kerry Washington. People often refer to these beauties as an epitome of classical beauty, with their well-sculptured faces and petite bodies, their personalities exuded charm, and grace.

What Is Classic Beauty?

Before we dive into the concept of today’s beauty standards, let’s just explore the idea of classical beauty. Has anyone ever called you classically beautiful or in other words, a timeless beauty? If yes, then it is very important to understand its underlying meaning.

Classical beauty is often referred to as something which conforms to conventional beauty standards like having a symmetrical face, big wide eyes, and long hair. In other words, people look at and, in one instant, you find them appealing to the eyes or you find them “complete.”

As per many researchers, it is a well-established notion that the human race is more attracted to things that appear symmetrical. As Hermann Weyl puts it in his book Symmetry, “Beauty is bound up in Symmetry.”

Being called a classical beauty is certainly a compliment as it means timeless as well as “currently” fashionable. Classical beauties will always be trendy regardless of the era.

Is Classic Beauty Still Relatable In Today’s Modern World Era?

The idea of beauty is always shifting. Trends which were once the hottest things in town in the ’80s are no longer relatable today. In today’s modern world, beauty has become more inclusive than ever before, where the word “Beautiful” was exclusively used for people whose appearances matched with the preset notion of symmetrical beauty.

Have you ever met someone and found them beautiful despite the contrary beliefs of society, and wondered why you are attracted to them even though they are not beautiful as per definition?

If yes, then you have unveiled the true meaning of beauty, which is, it lies in the eyes of the beholder. One person might be appealing to you; however, your peers might not feel the same way about that person. Beauty standards have revolutionized, and people like to set their trends which are edgier and unique in their way.

Beauty trends range from gothic beauty to dying your hair rainbow colors to, in some cases, covering your face with tattoos. The mantra nowadays is, “ YOU DO YOU”

However, with these ever-changing beauty standards, there is one thing that still holds its place and that is: Classical Beauty. Though, the definition has slightly changed now, as it has also become more inclusive by including the character traits of the person along with the physical appearance. The way one carries himself or herself is the ultimate definition of classical beauty and it will never get old. There will always be a place for elegance, no matter how much the trends navigate towards edgier or stranger beauty trends.


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