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The Most Glamorous Christmas Markets to Visit Across Europe

The most awaited festival of the year is around the corner. You guessed it right, it’s time to celebrate Christmas with our beloved family and friends. And that means it’s time to welcome in the most glamorous Christmas markets around. The pine or fir trees are going to be decorated with lights and glitter. The air will be filled with the sounds of ‘jingle bells, jingle bells, jingle all the way’ and dreams will become a reality made possible by Santa.

Well, if you are planning to go on vacation during the Christmas holiday, then you have come to the right place to know about the famous markets of Europe this Christmas.


1. Basel, Switzerland

Famous for: Two big squares:

The Christmas market in Basel has been the center of attention in Switzerland throughout these years due to its bright streets with tall pine trees in hundreds of numbers. The two squares, namely Münsterplatz and Barfüsserplatz, are highly admired by all.

Yellow glitter sparkling in the eyes of the visitors makes them fall in love with the majestic view of the famous squares of the city.

2. Berlin, Germany

Famous for: Historical architecture and craft::

There are multiple markets in Berlin that last from November til December. Charlottenburg Castle is one of the most popular Christmas markets in Berlin which not only attracts adults but children as well due to its fascinating crafts.

The Pyramid situated in the middle of the entrance is the main source of attraction towards the castle.

Gendarmenmarket is the other Christmas market that makes the atmosphere romantic through organizing musical events along with the performances of multiple artists.

3. Budapest, Hungary

Famous For: Traditional Christmas patterns:

Budapest’s Christmas market was awarded the ‘Best Advent festival’ in 2019. Vörösmarty square is the one to pay a visit to during the festive. It’s high in culture and traditions. 100 stalls are installed with good quality food and drinks to get comfortable with the cozy environment.

4. Aachen, Germany

Famous for: Goodies/Refreshments:

Almost every year the cathedral and tall town hall in Aachen gives mind-boggling feelings to its viewers. You can easily get good quality products to shop for and buy gifts for your friends and family. Food is also tasty to make you dwell in the sweetness of Christmas delights.

5. Zagreb, Croatia

Famous for Delicious Food:

Zagreb Christmas market has been voted the best Christmas market three times in a row. And millions of people visit this market because of Medenjaci cookies which are their specialty. The delicacy of food items attracts the foodie group around the world to spend and enjoy their Christmas holidays while being amused by the Christmas bulbs on the trees and stalls.

6. Strasbourg, France

Famous for: décor:

France, a land of love and masterpieces of art. It is also the hill of Christmas. The Christmas market in Strasbourg provides its visitor with hand-painted wooden decorations and nourishment from mid-November till the end of December. Thousands of people become a part of this celebration every year. 

7. Gothenburg, Sweden

Famous for: exclusive aura

The Gothenburg market is best for those who don’t like extra fancy decorations and it is an open-air market in which you can roam around freely without any hesitation of being frustrated by packed buildings with stalls and fake Christmas trees.

8. Tallinn, Estonia

Famous for: Towering tree

Tallinn market is a complete blend of enchanting scenery with the view of a tall tree in town hall square installed since 1441. It is known as the first tree to be shown publically in Europe. The local sellers offer special cuisines and other sweets filled with moments of pleasure.

Keeping in mind, all the markets are open for those visitors who show up with their masks on and spirits high to say ‘Merry Christmas’ through a distance to avoid spreading Covid-19.    


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