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The Must-Have Quick and Easy Beauty Products for Busy Women on the Go

Are you always on the go? As much as I would love to enjoy a soft and slow lifestyle, I always end up running late for work. And it is not only work that’s taking my time — from running errands to going to the gym, it seems like I never have time to do a full face of makeup or style my hair. If you’re a busy woman on the go too, here are some quick and easy beauty products that have been true lifesavers for me. 

Makeup Skincare Hybrids 

I have no idea who came up with the concept of makeup and skincare hybrids, but whoever it was — THANK YOU. These products have made my life so much easier. From tinted sunscreen that works as a foundation, to under-eye brighteners that conceal even my darkest eye circles. The lower the number of steps I have in my morning routine, the faster I get ready. And these quick and easy beauty products cut the time I need in half. 

Cream Products

Who has time for powders in 2023? Modern makeup trends are all about looking dewy and natural, and the best way to get that look is by using cream products. Creams are so much easier to blend out, and you can do your whole routine with just the help of a beauty sponge. From cream bronzer and cream blush, to eyeshadow and highlighter, the only powder you’ll need is the smallest amount of setting powder on your T-zone.

Lipliner and Lipbalm

Who has patience for precise lipstick application before 9 AM? I know that I don’t. That’s why my go-to lip combo for busy mornings is a lipliner close to my natural lip color topped off with a tinted lipbalm. Make sure to use a liquidy lipbalm that will add some shine and volume to your lips. Your lips won’t feel sticky, and you’ll won’t have any issues retouching your lipstick after lunch.

Tinted Brow Gel

No matter how late I am — I will never skip doing my eyebrows! They are the one step in my makeup routine that makes the biggest difference. However, filling them in with a pencil or eyeshadow can be time-consuming. But that’s where tinted brow gel comes into place. This product allows you to quickly and easily fill in your brows while adding a touch of color and definition. Simply brush the gel onto your brows, shape them as you like, and you’re good to go.

Dry Shampoo

I know — dry shampoo is such a no-brainer. However, what if I told you that you’ve been using it wrong all along? If you know that you have to get up early in the morning and that you won’t have too much time to get ready — apply the dry shampoo the night before. It will have more time to absorb any grease, and you won’t have to think about your hair too much once you wake up. Put some dry shampoo on your roots, and wet your hair with some liquid conditioning spray. Wrap your hair around a heatless overnight curler (or something like a bathrobe belt or leggings) and you’ll wake up with gorgeous soft waves. 


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