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Makeup Skincare Hybrids: The Next Big Beauty Trend

When it comes to beauty, we can now look forward to an exciting comeback, because the “all-in-one” principle is on the rise again. “Hybrid Beauty” is the keyword when it comes to clever innovations that combine different care properties in one product. Skincare makeup hybrids deliver the best of both worlds, the care aspect of traditional skincare products, with the coverage and other perks of makeup.

Skincare hybrid cosmetics is an exciting beauty trend with the potential to completely take over the beauty industry. After all, hybrid beauty products not only combine different modes of action that simplify everyday life – hybrid cosmetics protect resources and thus the environment by reducing packaging waste.

What are the advantages of hybrid beauty?

Time is an important factor in our daily beauty routine. Especially in the morning, between coffee and hastily prepared breakfast, it has to be quick. Therefore, it’s easier to apply one product that combines a serum, sunscreen, and foundation, than apply these three products one by one.

How do you recognize hybrid cosmetic products?

The term “hybrid” is rarely on the packaging. No problem for true beauty junkies: you will see indications that suggest that product deliveries multiple effects. Products marked as “5in1” or “3in1” can be considered hybrid products. Make sure you read the description and see if those benefits are what you are looking for.

Hybrid beauty is the best of several worlds

A hybrid usually consists of two components, such as a hybrid vehicle: it combines an electric motor and a combustion engine. However, Hybrid Beauty takes it a step further. Instead of just two care properties, these cosmetic products combine several benefits in one. Starting the BB or CC cream, which nourishes, protects, balances and perfects, to a serum foundation that plumps the skin and also adds a light layer of coverage.

Hybrid beauty as an alternative for everything?

Although Skincare Hybrids sounds like a dream of the future, the individual products or active ingredients still work best on their own. For example, if you use a shampoo with an added conditioner, you should assume that the care performance of the conditioner is lower than when applied individually. Also, a serum foundation will not have the same effect that a traditional skincare serum has.

However, there are also products that focus less on a long-term effect and more on the immediate effect. Make-up for Lips & Cheeks combines freshness on the cheeks and color on the lips with the help of just one product. A good BB cream combines moisturizing care and coverage in one, foundation with an integrated primer gets a soft-focus effect and lasts longer. There are so many examples in which this beauty concept could save you so much money and time in the long run.


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