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How To Switch Up Your Makeup Routine For Winter

Summer and winter makeup styles aren’t the same, and you can’t convince me otherwise. While I love to go for natural and easy makeup looks during the hotter months, winter is my time to shine when it comes to experimenting with makeup. Your foundation won’t melt off due to the high temperatures, and it’s so much easier to get away with darker lip and eyeshadow shades. In other words, your makeup routine for winter changes pretty drastically from summer.

So if you are a makeup minimalist for most of the year, I would strongly suggest trying to switch up your makeup routine for winter and the colder months. This is such a great time to try out new looks, and see what makeup techniques you are comfortable with. Here are some of my favorite ways to switch up your makeup routine from summer to winter. 

From BB cream to full coverage 

Winter is the perfect time to bring out your full coverage foundations. You know how the cold makes your skin turn all red? Well, your summer BB cream won’t cover any of it. In addition to that, thanks to the cooler temperatures, your foundation will actually stay on your face, and not melt off as soon as you leave the house. This will also create a flawless base for the rest of your makeup to glide on smoothly. 

Glossy lips to vamp lipstick 

Summer was all about juicy and glossy lips. I sure do love good lipgloss. However, there is nothing that can beat a clean red lipstick look for the winter season! But if you aren’t about red lipstick, you can also play around with other darker shades like plum, brown, or berry. This will upgrade any of your makeup looks, and make you look put together in only a couple of seconds.

From bronzer to blush 

I am definitely overusing bronzer during the hotter months. That’s because I use self-tanner and usually skip my face. So bronzer is the ideal way to match my face to my body without using a foundation that is 3 shades too dark. However, when winter arrives, most of my bronzers are left behind on the bottom of my makeup bag. While on the other hand, my blushes are living their best lives. As I already explained, the rapid changes in temperatures we experience during the winter will make your face flushed as it is. So why not embrace it and add some extra blush to your cheeks? 

Neutral looks to smokey eyeshadow

If you aren’t experimenting with glitter, darker shades, and shimmering eyeshadow during the winter season, then what are you doing? You can get away with so much more during the winter months than during the summer when it comes to eye makeup. Everyone is being a bit extra, and no one will judge you for having glitter on your eyelids at 9 AM on a Friday morning. So why not take advantage of that? 


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