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Trendy Hair Accessories That Every Woman Should Own in 2022

Laid-back yet chic fashion trends are in the (h)air!

In 2022, we’ve been noticing a rise in hair that is styled with cute accessories. Giving off the Y2K vibe, it’s undoubtedly a trend from the past that’s finally making rounds again! 

While heat styling has been the preferred method for many, it is a hassle to repeat the same day in and day out. Not to mention the damage that entails. 

Hair accessories, on the other hand, are a great alternative to make your hair look beautiful minus the damage. It allows you to use minimum to no heat on the hair, yet still, look put-together and polished. Heck, you just need them in your life regardless of your hair styling routine. They are especially best for lazy girls who’d like to squeeze in some minutes of extra sleep in the morning (read: every woman).

Trendy Hair Accessories That Make Hair-Styling a Breeze

1. Headband

Hard or soft, or a mix of both – headbands are a life savour for girls that are always on the go.

They come in two styles – stretchable and sturdy – in which come multiple variations of each. Knotted, bow, glitter, fur, printed, cat-ears, and many more. You’re ought to find one for every occasion! Just slide one on the top of your head, and you’re ready to roll. 

2. Scrunchies

I feel surprised when I encounter girls who still don’t own this hair accessory. Please tell me you’re not one of them! 

And I don’t mean that in a bratty way. 

Scrunchies are a versatile item that works as a hair band as well as a hand accessory. They come in so many designs, sizes, and fabrics that you could never own enough! They’re also a better option than regular hair bands to tie the hair because they tug lesser and look extremely chic. 

3. Pearl Snap Clips

These clips can take your hair from drag to fab in just a snap. 

Pearl snap clips, as per their name, are studded with white pearls. These hair clips will go with every outfit in your wardrobe due to their neutral color in a glam semblance. 

4. Claw Clips

If you’re looking to create off-duty model hairstyles, then this is the accessory for you.

Large claw clips tie can your hair in a messy updo. That’s it. That’s the hairstyle. It just works. That too without needing much effort, especially on freshly washed hair. 

5. Scarf Headband & Scrunchie

As if regular headbands and scrunchies weren’t enough, they had to create a scarf version too! They look equally fab, BTW.

Scarf headbands and scrunchies give off retro-chic vibes. They especially look cool on casual day outings thanks to their bright and popping colors. 

6. Word Rhinestone Pins

Pins that spell cool words are a silent yet clear expression of your personality.  

They can take your hair and attire from zero to a hundred in no time. Word rhinestone pins shine like diamonds both in high and low light settings. Hence, making it perfect for night-outs and day activities.


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