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Busting 9 Popular Skincare Myths So That You Don’t Regret Doing Them

How often have you heard people give unsolicited advice on your skin, or just throw around statements without knowing any better? Yeah, the know-it-alls occur more often in our lives than we’d like to admit.

One thing that I do admit to is falling prey to skincare advice passed by any and every woman I knew. The desperation for flawless skin was real, guys. Nevertheless, trial, error, and science taught me to listen to only authentic sources that know what they’re talking about. 

We come to you like the same – an authentic source to educate you and debunk skincare myths that have been around forever. Scroll down to see if you’ve heard any of them before?

Myth #1 You can skip on SPF when it’s cloudy or raining

No, Karen. 

The sun is still out as long as it’s daylight. The UVA and UVB rays are always present regardless of the weather. Wear that sunscreen, even if you plan to be indoors all day.

Myth #2 Exfoliate every day for smooth skin

Well, if you want to smoothen your skin and damage it in the process, sure.

Exfoliation with physical scrubs is a straight no-no. Chemical exfoliation too is only healthy when done twice or thrice a week.

Myth #3 Keep switching skincare so that your skin doesn’t get used to it

Apart from some ingredients like retinol, the skin does not get used to products per se. It keeps benefiting your skin just like it did in the beginning of its usage. However, you just notice less results now because it might have reaped you maximum results. 

Myth #4 Oily-skinned people do not need moisturizer

Dry, combination, or oily – everybody needs a moisturizer to hydrate and protect their skin barrier. Similarly, there are plenty of moisturizer formulas available for each skin type in the market. We’re good, folks. 

Myth #5 Chemicals are bad for your skin

Every natural resource is chemically constructed. The same when done in a laboratory does not make it bad as long as it’s not harsh or disruptive to your skin. 

Myth #6 Homemade skincare is better

While it’s okay to indulge in some skin-safe concoctions at home, it is not wise nor beneficial when done in the long run. Products in our kitchen are unstable and mixing them with each other without science-backed knowledge may result in adverse reactions.

Myth #7 Washing your face will get rid of the Acne

The number of times we’ve heard this, it’s not even funny anymore.

Acne needs more to heal than just cleansing of the top layer of skin. For more, refer to this post. 

Myth #8 Higher SPF means better protection

SPF of 30 is enough for protecting your skin. If you opt for a greater SPF count, you’ll still have to reapply your sunscreen every 2 to 3 hours. 

Myth #9 Drink more water to hydrate your skin

As much as water is important for our skin and overall health, it is not everything.

Topical hydration is still necessary for your skin to be adequately hydrated. 

Now, be honest – how many of these skincare mistakes have you attempted in the past?


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